Office interview is formal
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The person of to apply for a job, must psychology prepares, go interviewing the prospective boss that may be oneself.
Man nature must put on the neatest dress, but also need not dress up overly painstakingly. When parlor waits, should loosen the mood not to appear angst is disturbed. When calling oneself the name, answer to go in calmly with confident ground. See the handclasp when interviewing a person, say " good morning " or " good afternoon " . What should notice is, though the person of interview should be behaved confidence is dye-in-the-woodly, but also must not appear assertive, when meeting ends bilateral again handclasp leaves.
Should wear trimly toward interview before the lady, bright, give a person a good initial impression, bite too the gem decorations that dingdong should make sound, thick perfume, pull not continuously seam with frame-up filar socks, did not decorate the nail that pass or be fleeciness hair etc, the good impression that enough offsets her to apply for a job believes place to give a person.
The requirement that rapid move raises him to prospective boss when interview is not clever. Some people the first problem alludes holiday of firewood respond with a poem, such practice often won't leave the first impression with good the next to the person.
In the process of meeting, the boss can explain probably working limits, property, requirement, working hours and firewood fulfil, some later ability talk and off reach the detail such as pension. When he quizs, to apply for a job person answer is should compact, pertinent and none hesitant. Later, whether does the person that he perhaps can ask to apply for a job like to this position, want to put forward and so on without the problem from time to tome together.
When the boss thinks this meeting ends satisfactorily already, he can stand up say " thank you, I had known everything your. " if he thinks to apply for a job person the person selected that is ideal, he may be recruited immediately. If to apply for a job person satisfactory to everything, can accept, next each other decide again date going to work.
To apply for a job person when saying good-bye, the boss may send the doorway of the office, tell to meet at the same time some later moment post a letter gives him, to his position belong to the same organization, try to affirm. Although this just is oral the promise that go up, the mind is changed again after the boss also should not be in, employ separately other. If fail to make a decision when meeting, the person that still perhaps have to apply for a job wants to see about, the boss may say to use written announcement in the future whether employ.