Clever the final query in answering interview
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In course discretion and after nervous interview, when applying for an unit to be able to be about to end finally sometimes, look with a kind be like nature and courteous tone to to apply for a job person ask a question arrives, today's interview goes to “ here, do not know you to still have other issue to want to ask? ” and a lot of to apply for a job person see interview has been about to end, can't help in the heart slow at a heat, the thinking nerve of one of straight take up also begins to loosen came down, the query that narrates to staying they can appear normally two kinds of case: It is many to apply for a job person often think “ opportunity ” already arrived again and again ask a question, even some asks anxiously: Do you meet “ admit me? ” or are you opposite “ my feeling how? ” is waited a moment; 2 it is many to apply for a job person “ of indifferently ground answer is no problem ” . Actually this problem often also is a decoy, treat this problem to have greatly exquisite, to apply for a job person in the answer Shi Yinggen occupies the circumstance at that time, will note the problem of tripartite face.
1, the mood that treats oneself according to official of be in charge of an examination will judge an answer. The whole process that carries whole interview normally can judge a be in charge of an examination probably to just be opposite oneself interest, if question working experience carefully, enquire pay circumstance repeatedly, understand repeatedly commute journey, expression is waited a moment eagerly, the attitude that can see the other side is active; Conversely, if in a few words ends interview, problem to involve the job deep not quite, never involve pay treatment, the attitude that can see the other side is very negative. If judge the manner that come down,be active, to apply for a job person might as well oneself ask just a little first the judgement that the problem confirms him, should ask a problem is OK only conversely, it is the need that stems from courtesy completely.

2, come according to the actual condition at that time meet an emergency replies. Should knowing to answer such inquiry is not very simple, although the manner of the other side is very cordial possible also as a result of to apply for a job person inquiry is undeserved and cause misunderstanding. Say commonly, below the premise of interest of huge of the person that unit of choose and employ persons represents pair of to apply for a job, different question can ask below the different situation that is aimed at first try, second-round exam. The question that raises when first try is best little involve pay, treatment, and should enquire and so on of category of concerned job duty, business, the spirit respecting property of the person that use person unit experiences to apply for a job; And can discuss such as salary when the second-round exam fulfil welfare, traffic, groom be equal the question with individual more pertinent interest. But be sure to keep in mind, the problem that asks about individual pay respect wants discretion measurable, unit of choose and employ persons has introduced need not ask more, also want babble to ask ceaseless repeatedly, cannot show wise move of do accounts competence more, very astute.
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