The law of special invite applications for a job of 6 large transnational corpor
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Company of beautiful cable telephone -- liquidate file basket

Give applicant basket of a file first, requirement applicant will be all desultorily the file is deposited in file basket, the regulation is finished inside 10 minutes. Finish impossibly usually, the company just borrows this to observe whether employee has meet an emergency to handle ability, whether to share clear importance, and when handling specific work whether consecution is trenchant
, nature of the not random, person that make airing drill can obtain those dying to be divided high.

Unified company -- go sweeping a toilet first

Employee of unified company demand has bear hardships spirit and hardheaded style, every comes to a company applicant, the company can call you to sweep a toilet to your mop first, do not accept this job or all do not grant the person that the surface is washed clean only employ. They think all profit must come from inside hard work, irreverent course of study, be concealed in company interior namely " the enemy " .

The electric equipment below the pine -- I do not want 70 minutes of above

Go to next loose applying for, this company asks applicant is occupied solid make component to oneself, company of the person that those hit 70 minutes of above to oneself does not grant commonly employ, this company thinks oneself first-class staff, or have grandiose aims but puny abilities, refuse to obey certainly; Perhaps find new job rate is high. What want because of the company is " proper " talent, 70 minutes enough already.

Current electric equipment -- board spends river game

The company is applicant cent two groups, begin " board crosses a river " game game, content has for every groups " patient " need sends " river " thither, the board in asking to use a hand is built " the bridge " will " patient " send a river thither, who sends first " river " thither an employ who. Actually " the bridge " length is achieved impossibly " river " thither, the company designs the purpose of this examination questions to observe whether these two groups of applicant have group consciousness namely, because incorporate when two groups of board only,rise to just can pass " river " , if two groups of applicant are thinking him only,pass " river " , did not achieve the talented person that company place should have to ask, will not employ.

Motolora -- refus answers privacy square employ

Motolora company can ask you intentionally a few embarrassed questions, if marry,deny? Does the child want when what? Boy friend standard? Are you willing is the gender open? It is the person that refus answers for individual privacy with the problem, the company supports admiring attitude, they think these applicant won't before because of the individual interest and succumb pressure. Individualize, have honor, expression is met on the job suffer temptation less, hold to a principle, it is with company profit from beginning to end first.

IBM -- leave please without defect
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