Perform good interview this grand opera is right to apply for a job person send
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In the process of interview advocate try to observe face-to-face with both sides be tryinged, chat, it is a kind of two-way information communication process, advocate the observation that tries the exterior behavior characteristic that is tried through be opposite and analysis, and to past behavior make an on-the-spot investigation will evaluate its quality feature. In the meantime, be tried also be opposite advocate try undertake observation and analysis are judged, right advocate trying individual character, hobby, viewpoint of value have speculation, strive makes his answer and other show accord with the demand that studies an official, so, had performed this grand opera, to to apply for a job person for it is to send it is important to close.

One, the manner that notes interview official and expression

The process of interview is main by take an examination of an official to control, every phase of interview has the side key on its content, the behaviour that studies an official also can have a few delicate change, should try a person to should be good at carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, judge the process of interview, opportunity, take corresponding quick step.

1. Take care the limbs language of interview official

When interview, every player eloquent, answer problem time is head and shoulders above the limitation that takes an examination of an official, this makes canal of be in charge of an examination very fatigue, make ceaselessly in the process consequently view the action such as sitting position of watch, commutation. These movements are to alluding: "I am very tired, you exceed time. " should reach tacit agreement with its at this moment, interview experiences the undergraduate of deficient to want to master this skill.

2. Always consider the need of interview official

Had spoken of in ego fixed position, interview is the process of an ego sale actually. In this process, examinee should treat him as a product, the client is interview official. Want to go out product sale, be about to consider the client's demand, and should go out oneself in the sale in interview, must the demand of mature interview official.

The language that interview official hopes to you discover in the allegation from you organizes ability of ability, oral expression, the support of the people that from inside language of limbs of etc of speech, mood, dialect reflection gives is composed degree, maturity, discover the setting such as the individual achievement of examinee, individual character, character. At the same time interview official still hopes to discover an examinee is basic from which the true bogus of material.

The needs self introduction design that knows interview officer is about to satisfy the need of interview official very as far as possible, the design of self introduction is about to satisfy the need of interview official very as far as possible, on the arrangement that contains inside especially, must use the most wonderful language, transmit the most valuable information to interview official. Do not think the design of self introduction is done very easily, actually a lot of people are done very not quite.    
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