Wu Guijun - resume
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Full name: Wu Guijun sexual distinction: Female

Nation: Birth date of the Han nationality: On June 10, 1982
Certificate number: 152327198206****** marital status: Maiden
Height: 165cm weight: 60kg
Census register: Inner Mongolia connects distant to show seat: Inner Mongolia connects distant
Graduate school: Record of formal schooling of university of Inner Mongolia science and technology: Undergraduate course
Professional title: Biology teachs graduation a particular year: 2005
Working fixed number of year: Title:

Intent of to apply for a job
Position property: Full-time
Position category: Teacher - middle school teacher

Position name: ; of teacher of part-time job of; of high school teacher
Working area: Inner Mongolia of; of Inner Mongolia Huhhot connects distant;
Salary requirement: 1800 yuan / month but the face discusses; not to need to provide housing
Take office time: Can arrive at any time hillock

Skill special skill
The gift of tongues:

Education grooms
Educational experience: Time is in school record of formal schooling

Groom experience: Time grooms orgnaization certificate
October 2005 - continued to teach in July 2008 groom

Working experience
Location firm: Summary
Time limits: In August 2005 - in May 2008
Company property: State-owned company
What belong to an industry: Education, groom, place of scientific research courtyard
Hold the position of position: Teacher - middle school teacher
Working description: The education that enters year of base of high school biologic works, the job is serious and responsible.
Leave one's post reason: As a result of some kind of individual reason

Other information
Ego evaluation:
Develop way: Pedagogic research, teach psychological way,
Other requirement: Provide room room, enter groomed chance.

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