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Full name: Zhang Ling beautiful sexual distinction: Female

Nation: Birth date of the Han nationality: On March 1, 1987
Certificate number: 152104198703****** marital status: Maiden
Height: 164cm weight: 60kg
Census register: Inner Mongolia tooth overcomes stone to show seat: Inner Mongolia is other
Graduate school: Record of formal schooling of university of Inner Mongolia the bend of a river: Three-year institution of higher learning
Professional title: A particular year of network technology graduation: 2009
Working fixed number of year: Title of a year of less than:

Intent of to apply for a job
Position property: Full-time
Position category: Computer hardware

Position name: Hardware safeguards;
Working area: Inner Mongolia;
Salary requirement: 1500 yuan / the month does not need to provide housing
Take office time: Inside half an year

Skill special skill
The gift of tongues: English is general; mandarin standard

Education grooms
Educational experience: Time is in school record of formal schooling
September 2006 - in June 2009 three-year institution of higher learning of university of Inner Mongolia the bend of a river

Groom experience: Time grooms orgnaization certificate

Working experience
Location firm: Limited company of tomato of the grain in Inner Mongolia
Time limits: In July 2008 - in August 2008
Company property: State-owned company
What belong to an industry: Other
Hold the position of position: Pluralistic -
Working description: Summer vacation did not come home this year, worked over a month, make I got taking exercise, it is not easy that experience went to those who earn money to work, let understand parents to make bit of money very not easy
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Location firm: Inner Mongolia tooth overcomes bureau of stone city traffic
Time limits: In July 2007 - in August 2007
Company property: Executive authority
What belong to an industry: Public utility of association, mass organizations, government, community serves
Hold the position of position: The character is typed, arrange
Working description: This the job let my experience arrive to do any jobs to want attentive with the intention.
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Location firm: Thriving shoemaker
Time limits: In January 2008 - Feburary 2008
Company property: Other
What belong to an industry: Wholesale and retail (general merchandise, supermarket, brand shop)
Hold the position of position: Sell a shoe
Working description: Treat a client to want polite, the client is sacred concept!
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Other information
Ego evaluation: I now is be in school student, this is finally this year the course of half semester, I very hard, I think job seeking a share will reduce the burden in the home very much, do not want to make parents too painstaking
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