Hainan Province large-scale recruitment of talent market will be held on Friday
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Chinese Commercial News reporters Zuo Ricong and Hai Nansheng Human Resources Development Bureau (Provincial Employment Service) was informed that into October, our province enterprises to enter the peak period of recruitment. Province have been held this month, the talent market for almost 10 field personnel recruitment, companies provide Recruitment positions for the nearly twenty thousand, but because many of the students have begun to look for work in advance, but the end is a lot of people quit the peak of the workplace, therefore, still can not "feed" the enterprise "stomach." To better serve the majority of job seekers and employers to build employment and employment platform, effectively promoting college graduates, especially in poor families, serve the grassroots of the successful employment of college graduates will, the talent market in Hainan Province Will be held October 29 (Friday) End of the World held its third large-scale integrated talent exchange. The conference is expected to provide more than 3,000 jobs. Recruitment can call 32869055,32865300,65236191 advice. It is understood that this recruitment will be held in the province in October last large-scale job fairs, job fairs 8:30 am, ended around 5:00 pm.