Table Tennis Super Tunchang Voices: table tennis talent compete Malone and Ma L
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361 ° 2010 China Table Tennis Super League Tunchang Ningbo Haitian Plastic Machinery Division club first home game against the club end of the game away Zheshang Bank, Ningbo Haitian press club lost to rivals. Lord and two Coach at a news conference after the game, except the absence of conference Marlene Lord raised questions. Coach Liu Guodong an explanation, and frankly after the table tennis is certainly foreseeable ZhangJiKe Malone and others of the world. Why Marlene Lord for the absence of the team conference, Ningbo Haitian press club coach Liu Guodong said the conference because of the absence of some of the pain itself, Marlene, so the fatigue after the match has been met with massage therapy massage . Performance for its golf course today, Liu said Marlene considered normal to play today, it is difficult to adhere to the present. Today defeat to relegation the team is facing multiple crises, the situation is quite bad, I hope in the next Down of the game, as soon as possible to adjust status, the level of play better. For a reporter's question today, Malone, power Ke Malin teenager Hao Shuai and other veteran status, etc., in a sense the Chinese table tennis will be the turn of the old and new turning point in the power generation, Liu admitted that China's table tennis Talent competition, is called "The waves pushed before," the new and old members of "change" it is normal, Malone, and Zhang are the current top-ranking families of the domestic table tennis star, enough to compete with Ma Lin, one of Malone The game is relatively more delicate, more competitive play, table tennis is certainly foreseeable future subjects such as Malone and Zhang's world. In addition, the team members Wu Hao lost today's game is also deeply regret, special thanks to the support of Hainan Tunchang fans, I hope the next game to play better strength, win the game.