Commercial real estate company spend lots of money is hard to find talent
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"The current acute shortage of talent, do not know Shangna Zhao to go!" A commercial real estate development company human resources director so sigh. This reporter recently learned from the executive search firm, with commercial real estate market is gradually warming up, active or passive real estate companies to enter the commercial real estate surge in high-end commercial real estate professionals also will be a substantial increase in demand. It is reported that Shenzhen You Like headhunting agencies on December 10 released the 2010 real estate and financial industry professionals research, reflecting both the domestic industry's current trend of high gold collar professionals, salary changes, job motivation and so on. Learned from a reporter, high-end commercial real estate professionals, securities business department manager will be the future of high-end talent market "meat and potatoes." In the management consulting firm serving some of the recent years of Mr. Jin Lingceng heart: Several colleagues have switched to the familiar real estate company engaged in the commercial real estate, they soon pay some people more than himself, Mr Tsang is facing a dilemma: "is to remain in familiar with the consulting industry, or switched to real estate? " Mr Tsang is facing Jinling and many similar choices. You Like, general manager of executive search agencies, senior consultant, said to reporters at the Banyan, commercial real estate development involved in the planning, construction, marketing, planning, management and other fields, the overall quality of talent demanding. The management consulting industry professionals as vision, management experience, work flexibility, more and more real estate commercial real estate development firms. In recent years, especially this year with the provisions of relevant national policies and the enactment of many enterprises in transition to promote investment in commercial real estate, they rise in demand for high-end talent. And operation of commercial real estate business had gradually develop new projects this year, but commercial real estate business development time is short and the lack of talent pool, so companies need to tap the talent to match the rapid development. You Like headhunting agency issued the report also showed that experienced explosive growth in 2009, 2010 securities firms to enter the steady stage of development. The growth of brokerage outlets since 2009, continued the rapid momentum of growth in new business department led to more competition, the importance of talent is more prominent, the broker has also stepped up the competition for talent. The report noted that the levels of brokers, general manager of sales volume surge in demand over 2009 frequent movement of persons, business opportunities, general manager of the new open-minded, willing to search channels to reach new opportunities. Yung, senior human resources consultant, said in 2011, with the brokerage business transformation to accelerate, business, general manager of the replacement rate will increase. Extended the same time due to business, institutional sales personnel are scarce.