Kunshan, Jiangsu, Guangzhou OCS "Gold Rush" to attract talents studying abroad
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Guangzhou Trade Fair the big stage left trigger "to get people," World War II, among the nation's top hundred counties in Jiangsu Province, Kunshan City yesterday, leaving high-profile intersection in Guangzhou at the scene, "students studying entrepreneurship promotion" thrown to the large number of overseas students " Hydrangea. " The promotion sponsored by the Kunshan City, Kunshan Municipal Organization Department, Human Resources and Social Council, the personnel office and a number of units "out", the CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, Organization Department, said Zhang Xue pure, Kunshan pushing personnel plan to focus on the introduction of innovative type of high-level personnel, with particular emphasis on the introduction of new industries associated with the strategic science and technology, compound talents, improve the development of qualified personnel. Included in the state for five years, "thousands of people plan" talent of 50 people, leading high-level creative talent (team) 100, 1,000 personnel returning from overseas, people have a talent for every 1,800 people. It is learned that for many years to maintain the overall strength Kunshan China hundred counties (cities) first.