School of celestial being of Huhhot city ease
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High school division of each science and education
Position type: Full-time pay pay: 3500 yuan / month

Branch of invite applications for a job: Number of invite applications for a job: 3 people

Issue date: 2008-9-17 date of expiration: 2008-11-22

Working area: Inner Mongolia Huhhot shows seat: Inner Mongolia is other

Requirement of record of formal schooling: Fixed number of year of job of three-year institution of higher learning: 2 years of above

Age requirement: 25 years old - requirement of 45 years old of sexual distinction: Do not be restricted

Position description:
25 years old of above, what there are two to reach its above in public or private high school is tall 3 teaching experience. Servive routine is wrapped outside ministry of my school high school is being entered to be engaged in a family teaching after grooming. Base salary 3000-5000 yuan, increase 2000 yuan of class hour cost of the left and right sides additionally every months.