After offerring resignation 30 days, can go to work no longer
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Case time put

Xiaoxie is in some state-owned bank job, as a result of forbidding of unit interior grade, devoid vigor, then he contacted bank of a foreign capital stealthily, the plan finds new job to work to new unit after year. Hear abdication wants to shift to an earlier date announcement of a month, then he delivered resignation letter on December 1. In his plan, to December 31 just in time is full a month. Can be now things go contrary to one's wishes, what Xiaoxie's formalities leads because of the branch is intended and protracted and it is good to did not do tardy, so that Xiaoxie did not quit work,also do not go. He wants to ask: "Do I still need turn out for work after all now? "Do I still need turn out for work after all now??

The expert is analytic

Expert of labor personnel matters Mr Miao Jiwei thinks, actually if do not have special situation, xiaoxie after January 1 OK no longer be out on duty. The law that because he had fulfilled employee,abdication place asks defines Wu.

" labor law of People's Republic of China " thirtieth makes clear a regulation: "Laborer removes labor contract, ought to shift to an earlier date 30 days to inform choose and employ persons of the unit with written form. "Abdication is the worker that jural place says removes the case of labor contract. The obligation that because this is general,employee abdication place loads shifts to an earlier date 30 days namely unit of written announcement choose and employ persons. Attention, the " that says here informs " is one-sided only to inform, need not fear the leader can not approve the issue of and so on so, and deal with with formalities also did not have any relations. Dealing with the formalities that quit work is the obligation that unit of choose and employ persons should use up to leave the employee of the enterprise.

If unit of choose and employ persons is employee not in time to deal with the formalities that quit work, assume corresponding responsibility likely however. A few places set, be like " Shanghai unit is hired, measure of the government that quit work " in say, unit of choose and employ persons did not deal with laborer to retreat labour to register inside formulary time put on record formalities, by labor safeguard service instructs deadline to correct; Exceed the time limit does not correct, basis " labour market management sets " thirtieth 5, place fine below with 1000 yuan, laborer of incur loss through delay enjoys unemployed insurance treatment, still should be in charge of compensating for. So Xiaoxie need not go to <br>   completely now go to work, if the unit returns dilatory move not to deal with formalities, he is OK still loss of insurance of seek redress unemployment.

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