Can the courtyard deny people standard to hear labor dispute case directly?
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Labor dispute lawsuit, it is to show party of labor dispute both sides refuses to obey labor dispute arbitrates the arbitration of the orgnaization is handled, the program that be sued to people court lawfully and sets by law by people court has the activity of cognizance and court decision. According to " labor law " the 82nd, the 83rd regulation, after labor dispute adjudicates on via arbitral committee, party takes anything but to cutting into parts, the day that can get arbitral adjudication book oneself rises indrawn people court 15 days to sue. This that is to say, say commonly, people court does not hear labor dispute case directly, just accept party to adjudicate on to the arbitration disaffected controversy case. Above information by breathe out net of city qualified personnel is offerred, offer reference only, do not bear any legal responsibility!