How does unit of choose and employ persons disobey labor contract provision to c
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Promulgated in May 1995 according to original labor department " the compensatory idea that offends < labor law > to set about labor contract " the 3rd regulation: Unit of choose and employ persons violates labor contract regulation, cause worker income losing, deserved by him laborer wage income pays worker, add pay deserved the damage of 25 % uses wage income; Cause losing of pay of worker labor protection, should regulate the labor protection allowance of complemental laborer and articles for use by the country; Cause losing of pay of laborer inductrial injury, medical treatment, divide outside providing treatment of inductrial injury, medical treatment for laborer by national regulation, still should pay laborer to be equivalent to medical treatment charge the compensatory expenses of 25 % ; Create female worker and minor class healthy damage, outside dividing the medical treatment pay during by the country the regulation provides treatment, still should pay be equivalent to its the damage of 25 % uses medical treatment fee; The other damage that labor contract agrees is used. Above information by breathe out net of city qualified personnel is offerred, offer reference only, do not bear any legal responsibility!