Cut down is sought, cut down arms? CIO and manpower resource chief inspector con
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Although CIO and manpower resource chief inspector (CHO) in the enterprise tall weight, but produce its due effect hard however as a result of various handicap, both often became fellow sufferers and the platoon is in of CXO a group of people of same interest finally two. Cost used up idea, cannot get due evaluation however, to CIO and CHO, not only exert oneself not to please, get a censure getting a person instead " tragic end " .

CIO of strategics lending strength and CHO are successful and allied

" strategics " say: Arms cut down is sought on, next cut down is handed in, next cut down arms, its leave cut down town. Resort to arms of reason be apt to person, ascetic maintain a standard, reason can be victory and defeat. Alleged attack is sought to go up, it is to show the glamour that uses oneself is convinced adversary, make its forsake darkness for light, this is the best thing to do; Cut down is handed in in be, it is to point to adopt all sorts of diplomacy measures, form powerful public opinion pressure, make change one's views of the other side, this is the second best plan; Cut down arms is below, it is to show through actual strength press the other side shrinks back abandon, achieve the goal that take the advantage of empty and enters, this is a bad plan; Strike city is end, it is to point to as open as the enemy duel, arms will will be blocked, water comes earthy cover, this is next a bad plan.

To different company character, if say CHO even has his independent and clear branch system and duty range, still calculate lucky, so CIO is more unfortunate, the system of powers and authorities of office such as their working way, target and key each are not identical, also often be hard to form centralized evaluation system, the CIO job in the enterprise is more so extremely difficult. In the process that advancing informatization especially, as a result of CIO " the name is frame-up, word is not suitable " , it is experience twist more.

One is the CHO that needs to seek the job to break through, one is the CIO with informatization heavy difficulty, both needs to seek greater progress, and informatization makes the turning point with successful and allied both undoubtedly: On one hand the strategic sense that informatization develops to the enterprise without doubt; On the other hand, the element of informatization go-between decided the success or failure of informatization. Arms cut down is sought on, the combination of both CIO and CIO is necessarily win informatization " war " bring greater opportunity.

The 4 big n/COL the head of a family a magic weapon with CIO and allied CHO

Warlike success or failure often depends on devise clever strategies directorially, face the warlike CIO that informatization does not have smoke of gunpowder this how to conspire with CHO with a thousand li of decide the issue of the battle, let us see CIO and a magic weapon of 4 big husband with allied CHO.

A magic weapon one: Close and seek, the bosom friend should tell the other more
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