From informatization model case sees big trend of overall budget strategy
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Enter 21 centuries, chinese market does not lack informatization success case. But the author is enumerated the following two informatization case is more special: Be the informatization case success that associate, but still can arouse people controversy up to now; 2 although did not go up,be informatization of coronal capital group the administrative system such as such as ERP, CRM promoted the business of business management however, and be promoted business government efficiency through system of overall budget management. The backside of case of success of two typical informatization, fetching those who think is itself of informatization case enterprise not only, it gives a person with edificatory is to be below new condition, how be discussed scientificly or evaluate current business informatization to build method and problem of construction train of thought, how to use " development watchs informatization science " thinking is adj overall budget manages occurrence such as of industry of informatization of ground look upon kind the action of new technology, new product, new system, how the new positive result that the advanced office intelligence system that market of look upon informatization appears, KM system and BI system apply in coordination? Etc. The article to save for the purpose of, first case of two informatization success talks about informatization of new period enterprise under union overall budget strategy is oriented big trend. Associate group informatization all the time times get dispute "Do not go up ERP is to wait dead, ERP is court death on " , this logion of Liu Chuanzhi can be mirrorred very much associate of the informatization on at that time decision-making difficult, nevertheless this also is giving associate informatization placed fundamental key -- must go up. 10 years ago, associate the group enters high speed to grow period, interior government pressure increases, exterior inevitable ground faces increasingly intense competition. Associate to want to enlarge enterprise dimensions on one hand, reduce cost, make manage a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, want to achieve diversity progress again on the other hand, increase industry competition capacity. Below this kind of setting, associate the ERP system that considers in 90 time end equipment gets dispute, the solution that resource of interior of determination conformity enterprise manages, introduce management concept of abroad and method, promote the level of management that associate, model new associate. Informatization gets dispute fully, because the concept of ERP, action aroused extensive controversy in business circles and academia at that time,be. Through a series of activity of type selecting survey, associate the group was made an appointment with formally with SAP autograph 1998, provide ERP software by SAP (namely SAPR/3 system) , heart of associated advisory company is diligent, implement ERP project jointly. The course gives full cooperation just each, associate ERP project at going up formally 2000 the line moves. The scale of new project is comprehensive, overall budget and the financial accountant that includes SAP software, government accountant, sale and cent are sold, stock management, production plans 5 big module and manpower resource management to wait for a part. 5 big module are perforative and whole business flow, and the personnel data that manpower resource module provides a basis for all module, assistance administration layer undertakes administrative decision-making, realized business flow recombine, compositive change, unifinication management. Through carrying out SAP ERP, associate promoted integral management capability, normative business flow, reduced moving cost, improved operation efficiency of whole, began electronic business affairs to provide supportive system in the round in new economy times for the enterprise.
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