The 10 big worries of performance management
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A lot of enterprises manage in executive performance, the hope lets an enterprise obtain better performance with this. But, carry out come down majority is more disappointed, because of them deep-felt experience arrives, want to let performance management score a success really not easy!

The professional handler that our Ceng Duichao passes 5000 people has made investigation (80% it is manpower resource cadre, of 20% is other administrator) . What use at that time is the investigation means of open mode, findings shows, the biggest worry in their job, the work that does the hardest, it is almost " performance test " , and back-to-back ever since is " make plan of fulfil of incentive sex firewood " .

Still have the investigation of a 1320 when be aimed at the United States high level controller additionally: The governor that has 15% only only believes firmly, the outstanding achievement of their enterprise evaluates a system to helped them very well come true to manage an end. Although the total level of management of American enterprise is higher than China, but see from this scale, also not be to say all American business management are good. And, findings still shows, have amount to the controller of 43% to think, their assessment the system is run undesirable, effect not beautiful.

So, we say, it is our China industry feels performance management is bad not only, american industry feels difficult as much. So, performance management why difficult? Be what element brings about our performance management to do bad? Be what thing is worn in the worry us?
Groom according to adviser of old business management and management experience, we sum up the 10 big worries that give performance government. Also be the failure that this 10 big worries cause performance government.

The biggest worry: Performance evaluates performance;

What stuff should performance assessment check after all? There is a case to tell everybody to listen here:

Company of Jing Xingda electron is my client, before half an year, the decision carries out performance test, use float salary to make, the performance of how many basis of float salary examines a result to extend. They are whole the company is divided into according to different post " administrator, technical personnel, business personnel " 3 kinds big. 3 kinds of personnel use 3 pieces of different performance to examine a watch respectively, each pieces of performance test expresses the target that includes 3 big fields: Performance of ability of working manner, job, job, examine every months. A few days that when examine in first time performance, because index cannot be measured objectively, a lot of people do not know how to make component, test result lets a person be between tears and smiles. Below the effort of manpower resource ministry, examine held to 5 months, basically be to take a form, later, the company decides to cancel performance test. The performance of a few months examines wind up the matter hastily finally, part on bad terms, became a disturbance and end. Yang Fan manager is reviewing ministry of resource of manpower of company order total, know to examine have a problem, but, do not know the problem goes where.
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