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Misunderstanding may come from a lot of respects, but the main reason that misunderstanding produces below major case or controller are done not have be understood by oneself subordinate place truly and know. Settle accounts of director of Liu of department of some company market sectional entertainment is expended last month, discovery has more than 1000 balance, according to do not become the usual practice of article before, he should ask the employee in the ministry to go out with this money eat a meal to perhaps be done organize other activities, then he walks along anteroom to call small Zhangqu to inform someone else of the thing that has a meal in the evening. However, manager of the Liu when getting on for anteroom heard a paragraph of such conversations however, the following Xiaozhang that conversational both sides is him and small king of sale department employee. "Hey, liu manager is good to you, he often organizes you to have a meal, organize an activity. " small Wang Lue takes pair of Xiaozhang of envy to say. "Calculated " the respecting that Xiaozhang distains, "He also so dot skill will win people over, encounter us to need the thing of the help truly, he did not do. Last the company does groomed thing to know, the person in our ministry wants to attend more very much, will can a few days rest adjustment opportunity, 2 will work so long we also must is filled charge. Other department signed up for many quota of people, but we do not have a newspaper to go up repeatedly, do not know how he thinks really. " the Liu manager outside   door hears following to comment on his so, unavoidable some grievance, the its Liu manager that grooms actually arrived early with respect to reaction according to the demand of subordinate manpower resource branch, but all the time since the boss thinks market department staff is not stable, do not be willing to throw cost to groom to all employee, liu manager is forced to think other measure will comfort following. As this case story medium Liu manager is same, because a lot of moment are located of angle different, between controller and subordinate often produce a few misunderstanding very easily, if do not have sufficient communication, these small misunderstanding can bring about as time passes probably subordinate produces distrust to leading boss, unripe to group heart complain, so how should be controller dissolved when the misunderstanding that faces subordinate? This period round-table discussion times of Zhang Wei of vice-president of Inc. of 3 annulus hi-tech, Beijing starts the family in inviting Beijing everybody of Yang Li of general manager of operation of the nimble car limited company that rent, Peking Man extends training company president Liu Li and in Feng Shiqi of vise general manager of group of iron rapid transport is collective. Misunderstand the reason   question of generation: When knowing a few honored guests is misunderstood by subordinate? Look in a few, what reason place is subordinate normally to boss generation misunderstanding bring about? Zhang Wei: I become resource of company labor power 30 old, it is to have feeling greatly to this phenomenon it may be said, a handler is mixed directly especially the handler of the manpower resource branch of person contact with, this kind of misunderstanding avoids hard almost, be handled ably only. I feel the misunderstanding of subordinate forms the reason is many sided, but the economic interest that basically may be oneself is not managed by boss self-identity and controller by ability of enroach on, job means is undeserved wait for a few kinds of circumstances. From controller angle analysis, the probability that suffers misunderstanding in the person with firm work more serious liability also can be jumped over big, this kind of circumstance also is appearing via regular meeting in business management process. Because, the information content that the person place with higher post masters is bigger, accuracy is taller also, and subordinate is contrary. Below the circumstance of information content asymmetry, analyse information naturally with respect to meeting occurrence subordinate not accurate, produce misapprehensive situation thereby. So, the controller when I think to should misunderstand generation does not blame subordinate, want to do ego self-criticism first however, see oneself give employee whether in time the feedback with reasonable information, reentry goes to be communicated necessarily later. Liu Li: From angle analysis of philosophy, misunderstanding is absolutely in daily life and job, and understanding is opposite. Husband and wife, father and son, close world includes to also be put in a few misunderstanding in daily life, so class of the fluctuation in the enterprise concerns, existence misunderstanding also is very normal phenomenon between the work in the same placing that be the same as class, cannot avoid. The job that I think misunderstanding main source is the boss in running a course and subordinate individual expand the conflict that form, and the point of view with subordinate and located controller is different, formation view is abhorrent also, and the communication between controller and subordinate not the generation that attenuation of information of free, subordinate and the individual's temperamental difference brought about misunderstanding. For instance some employee is in to boss originally a few practices in the job feel indissoluble, and here this employee understands other to work in the same place to also have malcontent action to this kind of practice of boss again, this moment often can produce misunderstanding. Additionally the disposition temperament of subordinate also is one of causes that cause misapprehensive generation, subordinate is for instance grumpy, wait to be biased of a few gossip. Feng Shiqi: Misunderstanding may come from a lot of respects, but the main reason that misunderstanding produces below major case or controller are done not have be understood by oneself subordinate place truly and know, when because this is in,facing a few problems that coordinate very hard (maintain company profit when handler for instance but when producing contradiction with employee benefit however) , those are misunderstood by what following understands very little supervisor to often can be immersed in subordinate in. But I feel misunderstanding is to be able to avoid, controller can pass the contact besides more jobs completely to understand (chat with subordinate for instance, have a meal, the means such as a recreation) , let them know you in the round, cong Mou is planted is the generation that can decrease or avoids misunderstanding on degree. How to answer the misapprehensive   question of subordinate: So the controller that serves as an enterprise, how is each are in when the misunderstanding that faces subordinate handled again? The reason that there is a honored guest to also tell misunderstanding to arise in front and the difference with individual temperamental disposition are concerned, after a lot of subordinate produced misunderstanding to boss, they may not be willing to speak out their dissatisfaction actively, does everybody feel what to evidence can make controller judged a subordinate easily to produce misunderstanding to oneself? In the meantime, whether should controller make explanation and apology to subordinate when encountering subordinate is misunderstood? Yang Li: Before two days, because of certain reason I just exchanged the working station of manager of one house store, it is to have experience greatly to such thing. In us the powers and authorities of office of manager of company door store is equivalent to a company or total controller of the branch, the station of door store manager is very so main. And the capability of respect of this sale be been in by the manager that I exchanged, public relations is very strong, this door inn also tries hard to fall in his just about from do not have have opened the market gradually, but safeguard to the management of door inn later period, his ability is relatively a few more defective, the client is right later of this door inn complain gradually grow in quantity, after thinking through many sided, I exchange him to battalion to be in charge of a center to hold the post of market department manager, actually this position can produce his advantage more, also suit him more. My practice and decision are to stem from what to him oneself and responsible to the company mood consider, but he cannot understand, there is resentment in the heart, the settlement that I adopt means is " cold treatment " , lay aside this thing for some time first, look for him actively to communicate next again. Because I feel,this manager is in at that time in a fit of anger, even if looks for him to communicate also won't get very good result, he searchs to talk again after waiting for him to be familiar with new post and the value that he knew this post completely, the effect of this moment is met first-rate. To controller, the job that be an upright person is the most important, although in front that manager of respecting did not make clear expression to resent when I make the decision that move hillock, but his working status in my the way one speaks or what he says from him and that paragraph of time fluctuates with respect to a few psychology that can see him. I and every months of following can have talk of a communication, this makes I can very good control their condition, mood and whether to exist to my job a few misunderstanding. To controller, want to be able to be put next face, necessary apology also is a kind of method of management, with praise, it is the means of incentive subordinate. Be in our company, my subordinate compares fear I, but when should apologizing, I or meeting apologize, because of everything I can have my principle. Be opposite to put open to question plan to there is discrepancy with my original tentative plan later beforehand for instance, at this moment I can choose an apology, I do not feel the apology can have caustic governor the authority in subordinate heart, zhang Wei: Although communicate,I feel is the best way that settles misunderstanding, but communicating is not the exclusive performance with controller strong capability, contrary, if controller can be in the process of misapprehensive happening still not bouncy, urgent not impetuous ground goes working, this ability is outstanding controller. So if I encountered the misunderstanding of subordinate, I won't be communicated immediately, think method finds subordinate to misunderstand my reason first however, the face thinks of the working way that is me to whether be put in the problem above all here, at this moment the information that I may establish to be aimed at subordinate afresh communicates channel. Still have, a few experience let me be experienced deeplier and deeplier, controller must have very strong endurance, when encountering subordinate is misunderstood namely, can endure remove misunderstanding, should have this tolerance. When having, want not to affect the outstanding achievement of subordinate and individual progress only, controller need not become overmuch explanation. But if this kind misunderstands enough to be formed to the company adverse or the backbone that subordinate is a company, and misunderstanding brings about subordinate job mood and outstanding achievement to be affected again, equal opportunity is sought on my meeting horse at this moment, appropriate occasion goes making an explanation. Liu Li: My means of settlement also is the reason that apt distinguishs misunderstanding to arise above all and the effect that cause, if misunderstanding gave company and subordinate to bring adverse effect really, then I search right time, location, sincerity ground invites subordinate to be drunk together drink tea, chat a little, below this kind of comfortable atmosphere come straight to the point says the thing, misunderstanding was eliminated very easily also naturally. In fact, after small misunderstanding arises, controller after the event has the show that explain and also is responsibility of a kind of absolve apologetically, sometimes such instead can make subordinate produces allergy. So, because my error brought about subordinate to be misunderstood to mine, I can analyse myself, but if be other reason,I won't apologize because of this. Feng Shiqi: Below most circumstance, wanting subordinate only is not principle problem to my misunderstanding, I believe to prove with time everything is to solve the method with the most active issue. Of course, I also may search opportunity and subordinate to talk frankly and sincerely, show misapprehensive account before all group subordinate next. But what won't I explain to him for this, is to tell him only " you misunderstand me! " . If misunderstanding is to come from what go up at the job, and property and consequence may very serious, so misunderstanding of even if existence, subordinate also wants termless the instruction that goes carrying out controller, want to reveal a kind of authority to come to subordinate body as controller. I and my subordinate gets along very harmonious, once they have the wave motion on what psychology and mood,so I can be aware of come out, should have as controller so have an insight into the ability of subordinate psychology, only such ability control better government works. Of course, solve such problem, controller needs to show his good faith to subordinate, go up in the problem of major issues of principle especially, controller should not be afraid of certainly to employee excuse lost outer part, if be the misapprehensive controller that causes because of trifles bagatelle,also do not have nevertheless how old and necessary go explanation, apology, fluctuation class or need maintain certain distance. Control misunderstanding upgrades   problem: We still can discover a kind of such circumstances, when an employee has misunderstanding to boss, he will be misunderstood possibly and negative sentiment transfers the employee that other employee is other department even, bring adverse effect likely to whole group. In front a few honored guests also respecting when facing a few small misunderstanding, controller is done not have necessary go communicate and explaining, but when small misunderstanding upgrades for group great majority when the person's misunderstanding, how should controller control this kind of adverse effect? Zhang Wei: Normally, affect the misunderstanding that to subordinate personal interest issue brings about to bring the influence on the mood the most easily to the group, so called personal interest includes the self-identity of loaves and fishes and enterprise to employee and esteem here. If produce such misunderstanding, controller should realize the seriousness of the problem very sensitively, should take step in time, go actively looking for employee to make communication communication, avoid to will affect farther broaden the scope. Additional, when the individual misunderstanding upgrades to be opposite for whole group when the misunderstanding of controller, if why handle this subordinate,I feel not important, the key is to should understand the employee of this group to be in what kind of condition, the backbone employee in the group seeking later talks, trust in what obtain them with after forgiving, do the work of other employee through them again, this moment controller should avoid by all means is impatient psychology. Feng Shiqi: Why does an employee cause resonance very easily in group interior sometimes to the misunderstanding of controller? I think because controller itself is put in many problems,this is, work for instance inequity caused harm to subordinate, if the leader of a group favores some apparently subordinate, this group won't have cohesive affinity necessarily. Nevertheless, as subordinate wider even inside the group range travels or a few problems of eristic boss also are the behavior that lacks professional accomplishment. And serving as controller is the affinity that should keep enough on one hand at this moment, have the nature of controller even on the other hand, processing problem hand cannot soft, want to make a prompt decision. As controller, the subordinate that I won't allow me goes travelling or rearward comments I, because not only to me, ongoing to whole group footstep is affected likely because of this. Once produce this kind of thing, the situation that I am making public says incident to be clear about before the face of faculty, make earnest processing to this subordinate, execute one as a warning to others. Liu Li: Bring harm the most easily to the group when a group is trusting the respect produces misunderstanding. Accredit originates person itself, and accredit is to be aimed at thing of person and rather than directly, when the generation in the job is misunderstood, we often are told want incorrect to the person job, the communication between the person when so such misunderstanding arises and person and communication become unusually difficult, each other who distrust who. Upgrade when misunderstanding when be group character, explain situation has become serious, the reason that misunderstands generation must be analysed calmly when facing such misunderstanding as controller, in any moment cannot the mood is changed, even if is subordinate not excited also to your character generation misunderstanding. Through talking with the individual, listen attentively to the opinion of subordinate and view more, undertake communication further while the act that uses oneself goes penitentiary employee, confirm with the action " you have to my view at first break biased " , this ability is first-rate settles way, also can reflect on the processing of these problems at the same time go out to be spent compatibly as the breadth of mind of controller.

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