HR of collision China enterprise manages 6 big proposition
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2007, talent competition has made the core strategy that the company competes. According to the the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences newest research report announces: China already was the country with talent the most serious prediction of a person's luck in a given year!

The Chinese enterprise of instantly, face the competition that home travels together not only, more be faced with transnational corporation strong brand and the pressure that front-runner power natural resources develops a concept. Accordingly, at present business circles more and more formation consensus is: Master correct manpower resource to develop the concept, strategy that settles development of good company person with ability and program only, ability makes the enterprise holds strong competitive position for a long time.

" management of China and foreign countries " the magazine is at the beginning of this year through be opposite director of labor power of nearly 100 domestic companies investigates an interview, the sieve singled out each enterprise to pay close attention to generally manpower resource developed topic of 6 big heat 2007, and on June 30 - held in Beijing on July 1 " resource of labor power of government of 2007 · China and foreign countries develops forum " , meeting theme is " harmony grows, employee is oriented " .

   One, does HR have many from strategic associate far?

   Of HR worker " the strategy " the part had carried a lot of years, but how many HR sits in the enterprise truly " is the strategy round-table " went up? Chinese people university teachs Peng Jianfeng to think: "HR management should become strategic associate truly, should be being accomplished is very difficult, should saying is a kind of pursuit, also be a kind of state. " he points out at the same time, HR branch should become strategic associate truly, have two the basiccest signs: The first, it is HR branch the high level that can pass company of HR solution influence is decision-making, the strategy that enlists a company even is decision-making; The 2nd, it is to be in the process of company strategy be born, HR plan whether the execution of goal of strategy of the company that prop up.

   2, how to apply employer brand to draw a talented person?

Employer brand is being taken seriously increasingly. On this second forum, the honored guest spread out intense discussion with respect to the understanding of employer brand and importance. As the delegate of the foreign enterprise, the social responsibility of the meaning employer brand and enterprise and public consciousness contacted Liao Qingfeng of vice president of division of Microsoft big China; And Hu Haiping of executive president of fir fir share thinks: The first important or urgent business of the enterprise makes money namely, workpoint of the member that can let enjoys a benefit is best employer brand. CCTV " optimal employer " selection organizer Liu Ge puts forward: Employer brand regards business public relations and HR as the bridge between, should regard a brand as serious content of the strategy more.
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