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Introductive In the market environment with current intense competition, labour force manages the change of occurrent profundity: Labor management already was the talent investment that is a center with client service and management from cost management change gradually. Look from global limits, be in the world especially retail industry, the large shopkeeper, new shopkeeper of rapid development used advanced manpower capital to manage a tool early or late, the force of science and technology of have the aid of improves the manufacturing efficiency of labour force, promotion client serves quality, controlling strictly estimated on the foundation provide outstanding service finally for the client. To big shopkeeper, optimize through labour force, to attempering flow undertakes processing can win taller get one's own back normally standardizing, realize labor efficiency and the double bumper harvest that sell earnings. To lying development period or small-sized shopkeeper, need to strengthen unified program and control in already having the new store that shop and future open business above all, improve an organization can inspect a gender, add up to compasses sex, strengthen the palm that serves quality to the client to accuse, let each shop can provide the service with uniform standard, because the client is in,the shopping experience in shop depends on greatly the quality of shop employee and service efficiency. To achieve such goal, the labor management pattern of retail business needs to be improved ceaselessly. In the whole world in retail industry, one part shopkeeper had carried out the labor management solution that carries end, improved the productivity of own enterprise on certain level. Most shopkeeper also was accomplished make the business of labour force specializations, but to make business specializations the level can match with photograph of sex of client service center, retail store still should notice the following the education of two kinds of employee:
  • A gleam of serves. When confronting a client, personnel of service of a gleam of is brand spokesman. They need the goods that hep enterprise sells, finish shopping experience with helping a client actively with enthusiastic manner, let a client experience the contented feeling of guests feel at home. To this kind of employee, advanced management technique basically is reflected the respect is assisted in the sale.
  • Tiring-room management. Tiring-room administrator helps employee of a gleam of put main energy on client body. They can be felt and answer the client's demand, what assure supply of goods is enough. They have taller efficiency and stricter level, to this part employee, main body improves advanced management technology now productivity.
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