Manpower capital management quickens medium and small businesses to grow
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Manpower capital management quickens medium and small businesses to grow
- - resource of manpower of medium and small businesses manages series interior example earths up a project

Medium and small businesses has very important place in national economy, become help the new point of growth that moves economy. The big company all without exception with a lot of famous international is grow quickly from a medium and small businesses and come, if American cereal song, China China is,wait, growing is the lasting theme that medium and small businesses develops, capital of force of choose and employ persons of be apt to is the secret that these enterprises show itself more.

Innovation is the motivation that medium and small businesses grows quickly, and manpower capital is the principal part that drives innovation, significant development manages capital of company labor power, it is the significant step that urges medium and small businesses to grow quickly. Military strategy seeks advice " interior of series of management of resource of manpower of medium and small businesses grooms project " with seeking advice from type to groom mode help medium and small businesses builds corresponding manpower capital to run a system, promote manpower capital government ability, quicken medium and small businesses to grow to be the growing associate of your enterprise thereby.

1, train an object
Face leader of high level of medium and small businesses, linear manager (the manager of departmental door is in charge of) and commissioner of manpower endowment source control.
In medium and small businesses, manpower resource manages the main responsibility that carry out to should consist linear director, and the ability that this just is linear manager is defective, linear manager people need to promote handler management ability of skill and manpower resource government more. And medium and small businesses also can compare weakness in domain of manpower resource function, planning, the carry out that changes to wait for a part with adviser expects promotion in travel, pass training, build decision-making layer, linear manager science divides labour and effective cooperation between director and director of manpower resource director.

2, train content
Consider recieve training effect actually according to the enterprise every time course is pressed plan to design to two days, groom content can be covered wait for everybody force capital to develop administrative field to arrive from culture of drive of manpower resource strategy, performance management, employee, company handler profession skill promotes a respect. Time of course of be confined to, military strategy is a client according to client demand feedback affirmatory and specific groom content, every time curricular make choice of can decide some only or a certain number of respects groom, more ask to build according to the enterprise modular curricular series.

3, your enterprise should train
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