How to reduce cost of company staff flow
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"Our company was immersed in a vicious circle it seems that -- ceaseless somebody leaves his post, have invite applications for a job ceaselessly. In the company of hundreds of people, a year the employee of above is old stuff absolutely. " company general manager is not not clear company's frequent personnel flow, but his pet phrase is: "They like to go, such person catchs a big! "

Firewood proposes a toast investigation report shows, china left his post of one's own accord 2006 rate in 13.8% the left and right sides, this number because of city, industry, company and function branch different and somewhat difference. Additional, blame is freewill leave one's post rate is quite high, annual rate is in about 4% the left and right sides. 2006 of Shanghai leave his post of one's own accord rate for 12.9% , be not freewill rate for 4.4% ; And of Shenzhen company the same year leave his post of one's own accord rate for 23.2% , blame is freewill leave one's post rate for 4.4% .

The environment with located enterprise is changing ceaselessly, enterprise itself also is changing ceaselessly. In the society with contemporary intense competition, it is very normal that employee finds new job, the job 3 to 5 years, especially after 5 years, leaving one's post is a kind of normal choice.

Employee flow cost is to point to: Because employee is freewill (basically point to abdication) or blame is freewill (basically point to fire) stop with the enterprise employ concerns, and the enterprise happens to replace the place in this employee process a series of direct (corporeal) and indirect (aeriform) charge.

One, the understanding error of employee flow cost

The understanding that cost flows to employee in management of resource of company labor power at present exists a few errors, basically have:

1. A lot of enterprises think employee flow cost includes to leave one's post only cost and cost of invite applications for a job, because employee leaves his post,ignored the other flow cost such as the productivity loss cost that cause.

2. The high-level administrator of partial enterprise faces employee to leave one's post the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that resource of current labor power often sees only when the problem, oversight the long-term effect that personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year may bring a company.

2, the computation of employee flow cost

No matter talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year still is not financial angle to be able to give an enterprise to bring very big negative effect from finance affairs, lack flows to understand and take seriously of cost to employee, can bring huge economic profit loss to the enterprise. American management learns (the findings that AMA) announced pair of employee flow cost: If consider factors of all going from place to place, employee flow totle drilling cost achieves the member that leave one's post at least 130% of income of labour annual wage, management and the cost of going from place to place that sell post stuff are as high as the 200%-250% that proposes a toast from firewood of office staff annual, jump over a high level to exceed the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of main station staff, cost of going from place to place is higher.
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