The new salary fulfil that is based on manpower capital concept is talked
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The academic frame that the article proposes a toast to be based on the new salary of manpower capital concept undertook discussing. Above all, analysed the content with the new salary incentive to manpower capital fulfil that is based on manpower capital concept; Next, analysed new salary fulfil and the difference between one average salary fulfil. On this foundation, the main structural frame that discussed new salary fulfil board piece, analyse the concussion that points out the new salary that is based on manpower capital concept proposes a toast have firewood reward system to our country enterprise and challenge.

One, the meaning that the new salary that is based on manpower capital concept proposes a toast

20 centuries at the beginning of 60 time, "The father of manpower capital " Shuerci (T.W.Schultz) put forward: Manpower capital points to those who reflect the skill on person and knowledge to put an amount, it is to adopt education, groom, invest and form health care. As the ceaseless development of globalization market economy and intellectual economy, people is spent to the heavy visual range of manpower capital increasing increasingly, also be deepened ceaselessly to the understanding of manpower capital and abound. Dulake of modern management Great Master (P.F.Druker) think, intellectual worker is " capital " , because intellectual worker has the manufacturing tool of themselves -- their brains. Bulujin (A.Brooking) and this graph watt (T.SStewart) wait for investigator of intellective capital theory to think: The intellective capital of contemporary company is mixed by manpower capital, structure capital commonly client capital (also call a relation capital) form, capital of its go-between force is the capital of a core in intellective capital. The person that Wei Jie teachs Tsinghua university to bear the weight of manpower capital with its closes 2 for one, put forward: Be in an enterprise, manpower capital is not to point to all employee, basically point to two kinds of people, one kind is professional handler, one kind is technical innovation person, recognize humanness power arena of new economy of capital general dominant. In modern society, of enterprise interior competition ability rise, the creation of knowledge and technology, use and appreciation, need to pass depend on sb or sth for existence to come true at the manpower capital in person main body more and more.

In the enterprise, the person that manpower capital bears the weight of has desire of stronger going from place to place, by pursuit obtain employment lifelong rice bowl turns to go after ability of lifelong obtain employment. Right individual and character, flow is underlying demand of the person, pursue value rise in value of the person. However, to the enterprise character, frequent flow of the talent, especially the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of pivotal personnel, bring very grave crisis to the enterprise. Such phenomenal common occurance in reality. Typical incident if: 1998, the collective of administrator of 15 high levels that company of high-tech of seaing Hai Wei produces resigns incident; 1999, the one person that southwest chemical industry studies to the designing institute happens finds new job cause incident of 1 million claim for compensation; 2000, the sale general manager that the group that achieve dimension produces leads sale backbone to leave incident; 2001, the country connects Shanghai company retail vise general manager to do one thing under cover of another incident. Of such because of the talent finds new job and making become thing enterprise incur inflicts heavy losses on.
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