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Division of heart of chief inspector of the layout before Petroleum Company once said housing shop sign, the competitive advantage with abiding only, have the capacity that learns more quickly than your competitor namely. Really, competitive period studies in this, how the fastest necessary tool that learns to already became enterprise get the upper hand of. How the company undertakes study? From formally character, can divide for two kinds of forms, group study and individual learn. Individual study can raise intellectual skill method of the individual, but the intellectual skill method that cannot promote as whole as improvement group at the same time quite however, because the enterprise is a group changes the orgnaization that be engaged in production or serves, they need to adopt effective methodological mastery of a skill or technique the effective cooperation, whole effect that develops a system, and the integral cooperation capacity that group study can expand a member, undertake cooperative on study, performance can promote on whole not only so, and the study speed of group member also compares an individual learn alone faster. Tell from economic meaning, the enterprise should have group study and not be to have individual study. Accordingly, auspicious of emperor of • of heart of those of administrative Great Master regards one of 5 overhaul temper with fire that make an enterprise build study organization as group study.

Group study has two features: Group goal is shared consistently with knowledge. Above all, of individual target and group goal consistent, it is the fundamental important condition of group study, individual target if utmost and group goal are consistent, with respect to the process that can advance group study. Additional, share through knowledge, ability each supplies what the other needs, rise jointly. Group study is helpful for enhancing group core competition ability, competition ability of this kind of core is core competition ability of the individual not just is simple and cumulative, however overlay of a kind of vector and systematic conformity.

Right not little groom chief inspector / the manager, learn even if groom. Actually, to the enterprise character, nowhere is not in the opportunity of group study, form also but varied, groom from newspaper of company meeting, business, enterprise, effective communication system. Propose the study strategy of the enterprise according to company strategy compose, program business flow while also will the core learning technological process that becomes a company, the assorted management that strengthens crucial knowledge assets is waited a moment, it is the requirement that undertakes significant group learns. Can say, group study is not is the enterprise undertakes grooming only merely, but the enterprise grooms is the important form that has group study and means absolutely.

The enterprise grooms include a variety of forms, simple for, it is exterior groom and interior grooms. Exterior grooming basically is to show enterprise select staff plays groom a few public curriculum of the orgnaization, interior grooms we normally abbreviation is inside example, it is an enterprise according to grooming demand is in what enterprise interior holds to corresponding employee to groom activity, the enterprise undertakes inside enterprise interior instructor can choose to undertake grooming when example, also can invite exterior instructor to undertake grooming. Groom to the enterprise through us in light of the survey of demand, still have many grooming immature enterprise often grooms the enterprise understanding attends public curriculum to wait for select employee a few exterior groom, tell from the meaning of group study, exterior groom the effective form that is not group study, exterior groom more it is a kind of individual study only, and inside example just is an enterprise those who urge group study is effective with important form, want aggrandizement group to learn, groom chief inspector / the manager must value a company inside example.
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