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Difficult problem, problem of intellective take a sudden turn

◆ 1. Have cake of a rectangle, cut away a of the rectangle (size and position are optional) , you how ability is straight straight one knife goes down, does the cake that will remain cut two is size equal?

The answer: The center of will complete cake and be become repeatedly by the center of that cake of cut away a line. This method also applies to cube! Ask an attention, the size of that cake of cut away and position are optional, do not want of one mind to think him move cuts the way of birthday cake, should jump out this circle.

◆ 2. Have 3 basket fruit, what one basket installs is an apple completely, what the 2nd basket installs is orange completely, the 3rd basket is orange and malic lump. The label on basket deceives people, (For instance, if label is written, is orange, can affirm to there won't be orange only in basket so, the likelihood still has an apple) your task is to be taken out among them one basket, take a fruit only from inside, draw up correctly next label of 3 basket fruity.

Clew: Wear from mark " mix " a fruit is taken in the basket of label, what can know additionally two basket are installed is what fruit.

◆ 3. You have 8 balls. Among them one has damaged, because this is a few lighter than other sphere. You have a balance to use the weight that compares these balls. If say twice only, how to find out that ball that there is damaged?

◆ 4. Why is the well lid of sewer a circle?

Clew: Quadrate diagonal is longer than the edge!

Other solution: The well lid of 1 circle can be moved by a person, because it is OK,boil on the ground. The well lid of 2 circles need not be to wear on wellhead and rotate its position.

◆ 5. How many car does the United States have?

◆ 6. You let a few people work 7 days for you, you should serve as pay with a metal bar. The metal bar is become 7 small by cent, give out everyday together. If you can metal bar cut two, you how deal out these workers?

◆ 7. A speed per hour 15 miles train sets out from los angeles, sail to new York. A speed per hour 20 miles train sets out from new York, sail Xiang Luosha Ji. If a bird with horary 25 miles speed flies, in same time Cong Luosha Ji sets out, the flight goes there and back between two trains, when encountering to the train till, did the bird fly much further?

Clew: Consider the opposite rate of the train.

◆ 8. You have two pitcher, holding the vitreous ball of 50 gules glass balls and 50 blue respectively. Take a pot at will, take out ball of a glass from inside next. How to increase the chance that lets oneself grab gules ball to the greastest extent? Use this kind of method, does the odds that grabs gules ball have how old?

◆ 9. Assume you stand before the mirror, raise left hand, raise the right hand, in seeing looking glass oneself. When you raise left hand, in lens what oneself raise is the right hand it seems that. When but become you,admiring a head, in lens oneself also are in admire a head, is not to lower one's head. Why in the mirror video put upside down it seems that the left and right sides, fluctuate without reverse however?
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