Interview of express company invite applications for a job
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Talent invite applications for a job is met on, company of a world-famous express recruits newlywed person, by tens of thousands scramble for sth of this year's graduates, surround the stall of invite applications for a job of this company watertightly. Pass written examination and interview a few rounds, in in invite applications for a job the director is chosen repeatedly and be being compared, almost same the archives of outstanding Xiaoli and Xiaowang stayed. Director of invite applications for a job informs them, if will pass a ultimate test to inscribe tomorrow, the one person in them can become the formal employee of this company.
Be in charge of the test that give to inscribe is such: If be in this city, the client east has the city an urgent wrap up should send a city in user hand is being appointed on the west, time limit is a hour, the vehicle that uses is not restricted, how do you assure to lap service of safe on the hour arrives?
A day that of formal test, xiaoli shifted to an earlier date two minutes to plant than Xiaowang set out. After taking package from the company, xiaoli confidence began centuply " journey " . Arrive street, small Li Xiao asperses ground raise raise hand, a taxi stops abruptly before him. After getting on a car, small Li Jin is protecting wrap up closely, the edge is urgent driver, the edge keeps looking at a watch. Begin to still calculate all the way successful, but it is the height that goes to work in the morning by chance at this moment, wagon flow jam. The taxi arrived either end of a bridge, again also cannot move. Because this a sector of an area is of this city traffic " bottleneck " , whenever right now, often traffic jam is serious. Because the driver chose a wrong route, delayed Xiaoli's not little time. Although such, argute Xiaoli jumps down a car rapidly, a motor that carries a passenger searched quickly in roadside, changed the journey, drive like greased lightningly toward destination. Mount 6 buildings breathlessly when him, give wrap up " client " in the hand when, although compare formulary time to return many quarter, but in aside ground of not express an opinion of director of invite applications for a job laughs.
Although Xiaowang compares small Li Wan two minutes " enter the court " , but his deliver means unexpectedly exceptionally simple. After taking package, filled sheet of a deliver goods, wanted special of a deliver goods to the company then. Because Xiaowang understood the traffic situation of this city clearly very much beforehand, he chose route of another drive a vehicle. Take imprinting on the deliver car that company badge is written down, xiaowang used half hour to send package only.
Result of invite applications for a job: The company admits Xiaowang. The reason that its invite applications for a job is in charge of is self-evident, it is cent of small Wang Chong used a firm already some " working requirement " , maintained its explicit professional image, this international company values employee especially this. 2 it is the business feature that Xiaowang hires a firm according to sufferring, to its " precinct " traffic current situation had thorough knowledge, the line of the choice is reasonable, send time thereby efficient and convenient, this is more safe to the client's interest, have more " safeguard " .
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