5 kinds of in examination questions of invite applications for a job main proble
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Invite applications for a job takes an exam, the rich of applicant and square eternity of invite applications for a job weichis: Square rack one's brains of invite applications for a job designed the title of all kinds of strange things to waiting for applicant; And the answer that applicant cudgel one's brains for ponders over a full of humour and wit responds to invite applications for a job square. After all examination questions of invite applications for a job has why the rule but abide, how should defeat solution again?  

Generally speaking, process of invite applications for a job has interview and written examination, the problem that there is all sorts of differring in written examination (wait like choice, judgement, interlocution) , examination questions eye meets the face to pay close attention to individual state more relatively. Here a few concerned disposition check our eliminate kind problem, interview

Examination questions can divide roughly it is the following kinds:

Inquiry individual state kind

This kind of examination questions appears in the metropolis in each invite applications for a job almost, content basically is experienced around the inclination of your individual, profession, life have ask a question, try to understand strong point of experience of motive of your to apply for a job, work, ability, the thinking logic that inspects you at the same time, language conveys force to wait a moment. Handle this kind of issue, must have a definite object in view, endeavor to guess the intent of ask a question of the other side, the answer that just can assure you so has taller hit the target rate.


1, how does your colleague / homecoming use Classmates Describe You In Five Words On What Evidence Would They Base This Assessment of / of How Would Your Colleagues will 5 words depict you? With why be a basis do they make such assessment? )

2, what is the maxim that you pursue?

Who has main effect to your professional career all the time, why?

The scene installs kind of frequency that this kind of examination questions appears taller also, content basically is to install to apply for working content with you the setting of relevant couplet, let the your department manages or make judgement. Asker basically thinks those who inspect you to play ability, integrated quality still has professional accomplishment. Answer such question, must capture the main contradiction in setting, always notice the job that applies for with oneself is contacted.


A journalist, fell that day surely formerly midday 1: 30 begin to interview, 2: 00 he must carry out another to cover the task. But before one from 1: 00 media reporters that interview are already protracted time. 1: 35, a reporter suspends coming down, make oneself advanced be interviewed all right. If you are him, how can you achieve a goal?

Gout intelligence is inscribed

This kind of title appears when written examination more, content is varied, like brains maths of take a sudden turn, gout is waited a moment, thematic itself may be not difficult, basically be the thinking ability that inspects you. The answer that occasionally essential neither one secures this kind of title, the key is you reflect the train of thought that come out in the answer. From this bit for, the process that solves possibly is more important.
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