How to make interview of invite applications for a job more effective
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Employee is the basic resource that we run business, it is the most valuable resource in contemporary company, this has made one of concepts with modern the basiccest business management. The company is competing the remain invincible on intense market, its key element is manpower resource. The end that manpower resource manages is attracted namely, education, reservation and redound the stuff that makes contribution to the company. Invite applications for a job is the main avenue that foreign capital enterprise draws a talented person. Interview is the very important step in system of invite applications for a job, immediate impact picks the effective rate of ability.

One, interview purpose

In foreign capital enterprise, interview is invite applications for a job works in must a measure. So, why to need to undertake interview when invite applications for a job? Because with candidate interview, it is interview official collects the optimal opportunity with differentiate behavior example. The purpose of interview depends on gathering the information that with candidate each job ability concerns, with comprehensive understanding and the quality that know candidate.

The interview of broad sense includes a lot of types: Telephone interview, video interview, face-to-face speech of interview, group interview, special subject, character denounces meeting, part to act etc. More and more transnational corporation are in beyond headquarters when invite applications for a job, raise efficiency of invite applications for a job and managing cost generally through video interview. Most Japan company uses group interview commonly, namely many interview official at the same time the means of interview. And Feng Tian is fair department criterion apt uses character to denounce the form of the meeting to choose gift. Microsoft interview candidate is executed " art of the tactic of several persons taking turns in fighting one opponent to tire him out " , each candidate should be the same as 5-8 individual interview, reach 10 interview official possibly sometimes. Interview official is the expert of relevant domain, severally one tactfully sound sb out is inscribed, and side key differs. Every interview official is with " man-to-man " means undertakes interview, it is to undertake face-to-face commonly, but also can pass a long distance call sometimes.

2, manpower resource administrator is in the part in interview of invite applications for a job

Manpower resource management regards a kind of management of contemporary company as practice, it is controller around 3P(Position -- post, People -- personnel, Performance -- performance) adopts policy and practice. Manpower resource ministry and door of carry battalion headquarters a development and strategy of executive business operation, demand for service the interpreter becomes the function demand of manpower resource, ensure manpower resource strategy, flow and service can support business section effectively to achieve business operation goal.
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