9 kinds of is rejected the most easily by HR people in to apply for a job
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Generally speaking, below a few kinds of people, be rejected easily quickly by HR.

The first kind: Mouth character money person not

Pay is not not OK ask, but exquisite opportunity and atmosphere. If just chatted, without preamble, go straight towards thematic ground to ask about firewood fulfil remuneration continuously, can let an enterprise feel very uncomfortable.

The 2nd kind: Stick like a limpet person not

Invite applications for a job follows due technological process, say when to give an information with respect to when

To, said to be not please not " report " , blame be not visited please even if do not welcome an incoming telegram, call in, if still stick like a limpet, can say to do obeisance to to you only.

The 3rd kind: Communicate not free person not

When introducing oneself tongue-tied, answer problem lets a person feel do not wear brains, voice is so small that voice cry like mosquito, such person communicates ability to owe beautiful really, consider knowledge again solid to also cannot want.

The 4th kind: Interview latecomer does not want

Why to no matter stem from,plant reason, interview is late is big fear of to apply for a job, let a person very easily suspect the profession of this person personal integrity.

The 5th kind: The person that wearing slovenly does not want

Do not need to wear name tag, but most what at least wants to carry dress is clean, neat.

Play the part of cruel? I am sorry, you use a fault place.

The 6th kind: Self-dramatizing person not

No matter you think oneself how outstanding, also be pediatric only before true duty field elite.

Had not taken the door with respect to be cocky, still do not fly on a day into door hind?

Such person can affect the working atmosphere of the company, piece bureau did not discuss.

The 7th kind: The person that do not have sincerity does not want

Some people convey the longing that enters a company at the same time, allude oneself at the same time waiting one's deceased father grind result, or say to want to see another company whether employ.

Since you gave yourself to remain so much rout of retreat, should not care to be rejected by enterprise of invite applications for a job.

The 8th kind: Practise fraud person not

Want to discover one place cheat only, we can feel the your department is in cheat.

A Lian Cheng is solid impracticable person, what does the enterprise take to trust you?

The 9th kind: Resume long-winded person not

Since be resume, do not do too complexly, 9 pieces of paper are sufficient.

If everybody is grand piece gigantic make, the enterprise does not have time to look, can you still make correct judgement? (carry Yantai daily to turn from stupid bird net formerly)

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