48 crucial questions in interview of invite applications for a job
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(1) the advantage that tells me you are the biggest please, what is you will give us the biggest money that the company brings?

(2) what is your biggest drawback?

(3) you most what is the job that like? Your boss had what effect, make this works such extraordinary?

(4) what is the job that you like least of all? What kind of part did your boss act in your job at that time?

(5) after 5 years, where can you be?

(6) the place with conspicuous what do you have?

(7) in your recent job, what did you do, will increase the business income of your enterprise?

(8) the management cost that what you made reduce your branch or economic time?

(9) are you the richest what is creative working achievement?

(10) what is what your present boss thinks you have value most to them?

(11) [some position] what is general duty?

(12) the what respect that you think your job is medium is crucial?

(13) work to finish, a few hours must your discovery work every week?

(14) what concern does your position is the same as your branch or the integral target of the company have?

(15) the skill that you need what to respect increase next year?

(16) how many employee is fired at the same time?

(17) how many person did not get the air?

(18) before you get the air, the risk that a few times had you escaped to get the air?

(19) what does development mean to you?

(20) if you cannot get this job, the show with different what will you have in your current company?

(21) is the position that describes you please rising how are circumstance and you to get you at present of the position of the company?

(22) how must you make your job more valuable ceaselessly?

(23) the demand that changes ceaselessly to satisfy a company, you are how innovate again or redefine of your job, go up to add him post yield, what safeguard step must you take?

(24) distinguish you to promote to a high office in the fore-and-aft position that experiences in the company of hold post at present please with transverse duty limits patulous?

(25) in you the company of hold post is at present medium, what is you change in what rise the follow a rational line to do some work well of duty respect?

(26) are you had why to plant of direct manner groom? You are of course confer other obligation, still expect does your direct subordinate ask actively more duty?

(27) are you final what is the company malady of hold post? To the blemish of a company and antilogy, how many endurance do you have?

(28) the constituent arrangement with your what kind of need, guidance and feedback, is ability remarkable the job that finish?

(29) the respect in the administrator, you are " expectation " over " check " , contrary still?

(30) how you handle the work from harmonious career and the angle that the individual lives?

(31) if we recruit you, describe the company culture that you will build please. You can adopt a kind to concentrate power in a few a few hand, more of centralization of state power, of parent type use a method, still meet often transfer to a lower level of powers and authorities of office?
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