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Resume is the first opportunity that the undergraduate reveals him to unit of choose and employ persons undoubtedly. Let us comb a few keywords in resume, will understand what resume makes nowadays " tide " .

Keyword: Photograph

Leave deeper impression to give choose and employ persons the unit, more and more graduate not hesitate flower " heavy gold " in the make an issue of on the photograph. Allegedly, there is to be in the student on Shanghai at present " quite famous gas " photo studio, pack first, take a picture again, the photograph that come out is perfect almost " accurate white-collar " figure. Introduce according to a student, this photo studio still needs to make an appointment, if making an appointment now, want when next year one, ability was patted Feburary.

Comment on: Do not illuminate so that also do not identify even oneself.

Keyword: Specialty

Concerned personage points out, undergraduate to apply for a job person filling in when oneself specialty, must detailed. For instance, to apply for a job person say him meeting musical instrument, it is clear to should be written it is what musical instrument, it is to be able to play piano or meeting flute; Say oneself are good at writing, should mentioning expressly is to be good at writing press release, still be good at writing investigation report, or both is good at waiting a moment, published serious work also had better list.

The specialty that the person that there can be some of to apply for a job now writes " special " more unusual. Have write " capacity for liquor is good " , have write " the voice is big " , have write " can do chore, be good at sweeping the floor " ... see such " specialty " , make a person be between tears and smiles really.

Comment on: Notice " specialty " also be to should have fixed arrangement.

Keyword: Certificate

Do resume, nature of certificate certificate of merit is indispensable " weight used on a balance " . Recently the duplicate store business near each college flourishing rises, often can see the student is being held in both hands before folding various certificate certificate of merit greatly, go copying, imprinting is a few. Do so that compare exquisite resume, the component of one most is to should be born inside " honorary " proof.

Comment on: Do not huddle why build by laying bricks or stones, right " duty " below " card " just be good plan.

Keyword: Experience

Nowadays is popular a kind of view, obtain dot of achievement of certificate, achievement to wait than graduate school, place, in experience of the exercitation of the unit, work, and the working experience that is engaged in student cadre is valued more and more.

Then, the job in resume experiences one column almost everybody is filled completely. The author once was met in invite applications for a job the spot has seen an undergraduate, his working experience wrote ten, at first sight, this person works certainly capability is very strong. But young scrutiny comes, let a person however cannot help laughing. First: "Oneself fasten student union a secretary in charge of sth to apply for at attending some months some year, undertake person in charge of something one duty time of a month. " the 2nd: "Oneself live at be being made a living some months some year by election of whole class classmate committee member, successive two be reappointed consecutively, succeed for many times during collect fee of class of all ready class. " ...
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