To apply for a job person resume exists what problem
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Ge Lili of manager of human affairs of region of China of firm of interest of American history red: Anything has had, bad two respects, before a few years of to apply for a job person letter of handwritten to apply for a job still is normally when applying for a job, but now basically is to use computer to print, the format is very beautiful, resume also writes more professional more, this is good one side. Lie badly to often say oneself very well in letter of to apply for a job, and when meeting to talk, discovering however is not so return a responsibility, write with the presence is very large discrepancy between practical capacity. Because this arrowroot manager suggests, when writing resume, had better want specific, oneself had done what thing, have what positive result, should quantify the ground to give wraparound.

Boat of Liu of chief inspector of resource of SamSung SDS manpower: I not quite the style of writing in taking a fancy to resume and write a law, because we are not implicit,believe the content in resume. The language in resume should be succinct, the offerred individual information that should be you, include to teach characteristic of experience of setting, work, individual to wait a moment. Additional, when somebody writes a letter as a result of cursory, join telephone number clerical error or it is to was not written on; A lot of wrongly written or mispronounced characters appear in returning some person letters, this also can see his attitude to the job.

Inferior Li Jianbo of vice-president of letter administration, human affairs: Want very brief, the will mainest experience is written in foremost face, the most crucial information wants to be clear about simply, come to working experience and educational experience write apart. One important depends on, all important information can see in before resume reading 30 seconds. Another name for Taishan Mountain of king of chief inspector of resource of Founder number manpower is red: Current feeling is the this year's graduates notices to pack his quite, and also can be packed quite. Their resume is made very beautiful, but this can not accentuate actually its by the quantity of employ.

Chinese net connects Wu Man of manpower resource chief inspector: Resume is too long, resume does not exceed two pages paper at most. (