Video resume applies for a job market space drives burgeoning industry
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Video resume is unfamiliar to there still is a place probably for a lot of people, but be in abroad, this kind of style applies for a job for a lot of people distinctly offerred those who go to the lavatory to apply for means already gradually popular. As the development of network technology, at present many countries use video resume already generally -- to apply for a job person make kinescope of a video introduce his. This kind of practice that combines video and traditional resume look can give market of whole invite applications for a job to bring revolutionary influence probably.

Nearly two years, our country had appeared in succession in order to film, the atelier that resume of the video that make is business, and websites of a few large invite applications for a job also roll out video resume service in succession. These burgeoning service companies begin to provide a service actively for unit of choose and employ persons, the person that associated website makes him be to apply for a job at the same time and the platform that unit of choose and employ persons serves: To to apply for a job person for, the video information of environment of office of unit of a few concerned choose and employ persons can see on the website; And to unit of choose and employ persons, the video resume of the person that they also can browse to apply for a job.

Small CD distinguish oneself

Xiaopang is a student of major of electron of northwest industry university. In the near future frequent invite applications for a job is met in, he hands those who apply for a company is not to fold thick literal material, however a piece of small CD. The resume that there is him to be made meticulously inside CD, to apply for a job is believed, still have a few professional designs that he makes and Flash animation in addition. On computer, mouse gently a bit, resume turns over below one page, read rise very convenient. He tells a reporter, such video resume size is very large, the form is more lively also, attract unit of invite applications for a job easily to notice and examine seriously, successful rate is higher.

Xiaopang says, this kind of form also is this 9 years come to what ability popularity rises, the student of major of a lot of electrons, computer took kind of this kind of to apply for a job gradually. Many learning be born even if be planted by right of this that what means is remembered by unit of invite applications for a job and accept. Although be " new pattern " , but oneself are moved close make cost of such a piece of CD not tall, basic expenses won't exceed 10 yuan. If the company design to the outside is made, criterion a little a few more expensive.

The reporter visited a few special generation to make the company of video resume, the charge that video makes on market at present differs to 1000 yuan from a few yuan according to different class. The simplest is to sit indoors, tell to cinematograph, camera lens does not have the version of switch; A few more expensive included exterior to film, the design conception such as montage effect. The reporter understands, as the aggravate that obtain employment competes, a few undergraduates very be willing to part with or use is some more floriferous on resume money. A college graduate that will take CD tells a reporter, oneself spent 500 yuan to make a video, those who belong to medium class the sort of. To this investment he thinks to be worth. He says: "Do not make video, I also should make a few traditional paper quality resume, take a car to go to each companies casting even, cost is higher. Had video, the family can understand my figure, temperament more intuitionisticly, more accurate to the judgement of my condition, once inform I go interview, successful possibility is very tall, reduce me greatly rush about and traffic expenses. And video is one-time investment, finished to be able to sit before computer to be sent widely. Finished to be able to sit before computer to be sent widely..
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