The key that personal details expresses and soul: Working experience
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The key that full share personal details expresses and soul are in, be working experience this part. And to to apply for a job person for, whether can get the call of interview, carry those who rely on this project to fill in skill and means.

To duty field old hand, " working experience " the key that is expressive ability and ego degree, the main and crucial condition that also is success of watch of full share personal details, the company data that passes through these working content and service, and functionary name or it is responsible project, the proprietor of an enterprise is OK structure of compensation of the ability of the person that thereby evaluates to apply for a job, associate with, experience, with the project content that once was in charge of.

But the means that highlights working experience and ability, appear to the new person that just graduated from the school effect is not big. Young graduate is general on working experience it is hour or it is labour read qualifications and record of service is more, responsible working project most because its are young,also mix ability is limited, belong to help, service, labor... wait for property to be majority, accordingly, this labour reads experience to achieve what degree or positive result, it is you are filling in the key when working experience. Say for example, you work all right in such-and-such electric equipment 3 months, sell an outstanding achievement such as 100 fanner successfully model write a law, purer than you write on " industry of travel of XX electric equipment reads 3 months " many what should have sth. worth seeing or reading.

Because old hand of most duty field understands a proprietor of an enterprise to read the habit of personal details and kind, so meeting proper motion devises the sort way that personal details expresses, and direct with experience model to apply for a job person, still can make working experience after be analysed carefully and be being arranged, discharge directly what express before two in personal details is suitable, use guide thematic means is revealed directly special with first-class qualifications and record of service, the personal details that also is a kind of innovation presents means.

In school life " mass organizations experience " , it is not quite important to be compared to duty field old hand, but to new person or the person that are working experience inadequacy, namely a kind additional tool.

Say for example, once had held the position of a president in mass organizations (or it is to found mass organizations) representing leadership sometimes, independence or arrangement of by group collaboration cross school couplet friendship, build teach the activity such as collaboration, the likelihood is representing harmonious force, negotiation force, group to value level, or the ability that is development market, use mass organizations experience fill in means, the individual that can help a director effectively guess you is idiosyncratic with individual character, also be additional kind reveal ability and the finger that evaluate expansibility.
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