Admonish: Resume of graduate to apply for a job do not " affusion "
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Some company is the closest interview a batch of colleges are graduate, the ego description discrepancy in the expression that discovers partial student and resume of to apply for a job is not small. If some is written in resume " the organization inside Ceng Zaijiao has engineered large activity " , but interview official is fine the discovery after asking, this student is only " participate in " cross this activity.

Resume of graduate to apply for a job " affusion " the phenomenon is not rarely seen. Public figure of group of a few enterprises, education admonishs student, resume can be packed moderately, but cannot practise fraud.

Student union " a secretary in charge of sth " became " vice-chairman "

Resume is to win good impression of unit of choose and employ persons, gain interview opportunity " a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success " , so the undergraduate takes seriously particularly. "Good target " very difficult " decorate " , by college Dean's office like school work report all is printed, affix one's seal; English 4, 6 class certificate, certificate of computer order and degree needs attach photocopy.

By " affusion " is the content such as evaluation of practice experience, honorary title, ego normally. Some students should pass student union person in charge of something only obviously, however ego " promote " became student union vice-chairman. Some has gotten class honorary title, however " promote " into school level honorary title. Some wrote exercitation experience a string big, there is no lack of among them 500 strong companies of world, actually some companies jackarooed a few days only. Many students draw lessons from edition of the standard on the net blindly when writing ego to evaluate: Optimistic, be good at be being communicated with the person, group collaboration capability is strong, hard-working... 1000 people one side, can't help letting be suspicious of manager of business ways of the world.

A few students think, to show itself, resume " unplug tall " excusable; Also some saying, others writes him very faultlessly, I am not decorated, be in an unfavorable situation?

College do not abet " affusion " wind

Right " affusion " resume, unit of choose and employ persons has answered plan oneself. Shanghai public figure of department of resource of company labor power expresses Bell Aerkate, compared with those " ego is described " , the share of school affix one's seal is valued more when company invite applications for a job, for instance report, can quality of school work of student of objective and real report. If the enterprise is intended employ a certain student, can call to seek testimony to the school, it is true after all " monitor " , " student union chairman " , ask to know.

Many companies are right when interview of personnel of invite applications for a job, the social practice that often can go up in the light of resume of the other side experiences detailed inquiry. If some student is mobile participator only, organizer of and rather than, a few problems are met let the cat out of the bag; Even if has made sufficient preparation beforehand, interview official spot sets a situation, also can make a student appear flaw. Some students although each field requirement is pretty good, but the evidence that once be seen have by interview official,violates sincere letter, lost chance of this to apply for a job for certain.
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