Resume wants brief but cannot too brief
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Bead bead see recently " this brief, ought not to brief however very brief " resume.  

Say first " ought not to brief " place. Thin thin one page paper, besides the full name, give way of unripe date, connection, the takes school and finish school time of two schools, still have a few " universally applicable " individual characteristic and ability: "Active and hopeful up spirit, good written communicate skill with spoken language, good theory, survey and analytic ability " etc. Do not have intent of to apply for a job already (basis before bead bead had said, such resume is thrown very easily into wastebasket directly by human affairs manager) , also experience without any practice -- , did not work, had always had a field trip? If whats are written, does indirect report give you the ability that this comrade lack blends in a society? Bead bead such conclusion probably some are arbitrary, but after individual university graduates, had not worked, went to abroad studying abroad or pass without the job, returning Shanghai is half an year cannot find the job -- , such talent, manager of how many human affairs dare want?  

Besides " this brief " place. With respect to paper of this one page in, occupy go 1/3 " abuttals " is recommend a person twice -- , it is the professor that reads the school in abroad. Bead bead also admit, this kind recommends a form very internationalization. Have the aid of has the person of fame to seek a job for oneself, this kind of means is OK even restrospect to 19 centuries. But the problem is this 1/3 " abuttals " the complimentary demit that goes up to did not find a professor, was not Chang Xiang to list finely however the professor's full name, honor, phone, fax and E-MAIL address. Zhuzhushi is in did not understand, is there's no one who doesn't or isn't the ability that lets human affairs manager hit a more foreign phone to confirm you and humanness? Is this the cost of invite applications for a job that raises family company?  

It seems, ground of the babble on of all kinds book, the press teachs a person how to write resume to return is very be necessary. Bead bead also said a lot of times in the hot line, can some of problem it seems is gotten namely " say month in and month out says every day year after year " .  

Be like, resume this brief, but cannot brief to " intent of to apply for a job " also saved. Write down Dezhuzhu to had said, apply for a job, want to do some of research to considering the company that go first, most the research with the realest foundation is understanding has what position vacant, next what those you suit is vacant the target that serves as aggression. If aimless, how is aggression organized? Be although organize an aggression,white diligent?  

Be like again, resume this brief, but carry out experience cannot brief. A person that does not have any working experience and practice experience (even if you are " chelonian " ) the credit that cannot get unit of choose and employ persons. Bead bead the human affairs chief inspector that remembers having a big company ever had said, action undergraduate, they value school work most. Because good study result shows the study attitude of this student at least. Next, below the circumstance that comparatives in school work, they choose practice seasoned. This did not written guarantee, it is very important to carry out ability
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