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Many people write resume to like to use a few luxuriant affix to have a description, the impression that gives a person is gewgaw instead, be suspicious making a person; Contrary, use specific and honest statement, can let a person feel be convinced. The society uses digital language, it is to make resume raises a magic weapon that contains Troy.

A manager of foreign enterprise human affairs expresses: "I browse 50 with half hours everyday or more resume, if before 10 seconds fail to discover any achievement to state, so this resume makes the history. " although adviser of major to apply for a job advocates,outstanding achievement is stressed in resume, but delicacy has applicant to value this one proposal truly. Contrary, in their resume, it is the content of the respect such as functionary name, date and duty completely. And undertake ego evaluation is connected piece be full of " main contribution " , " abound the plan of vigor " and " rise significantly " the adjective of and so on. Such resume is the person that let invite applications for a job very hard " one's mind disturbed " .

As contrary as this, you can highlight the success that you gained in the past with the number. The number has two kinds of functions. It is OK above all those who show an outstanding achievement is distinguished. Express simply together " improved productivity " applicant photograph is compared, one is in " raise factory yield inside 7 months 156% " person, undoubted meeting makes impression of manager of invite applications for a job more deep. Additional, "Manage 350 technologies to design staff " with " leader engineering group " photograph comparing, before one kind of allegation can prove your ability better.

Emphasize successful experience, must arrange a specific data. Want to prove the success before you, should learn to talk with the number, include you to be a company managing how many money, how many time, explain you have what innovation to wait. Emphasize the incident previously, must write on result, for instance: "Organized company staff to adjust, cut useless staff, annual and managing 55000 yuan. " in fact, to apply for a job person must show success in ground of the lifelike in resume come out to try to confirm, if cannot give effectively,state, those achievement are equal to nonexistent.

Specifically, will quantify your outstanding achievement and skill with data or per cent index, if more or less be counted quantity, how many times, occupy how many per cent to wait a moment, state more specific, prospective employer gives you to whether suit to go to his company working with respect to easier judgement. For example:

1. lists or multinomial the main item that you attend or assumes or plan, the duty of your amid and contribution even if your amid just regards a service as support or administration personnel, it is besides the working job that achieve or finishs a provision, you still made what other contribution;

Whether do you have 2. what suggests ever by boss, branch or be the company is adopted? If have, show its content, in the outstanding achievement that your action when implementing this proposal and you obtain accordingly and qualifications and record of service;
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