Only the resume of the intention does not have all-purpose resume
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Resume is to use those who get interview chance. My resume is 2 pages: One page Chinese, one page English. On the writing of resume, I think " the resume of only useful heart, without all-purpose resume. Without all-purpose resume..

My unlike has some of person, have a resume only, and try pass this " all-purpose resume " the atrium that opens HR. I am to find interested position first, feel to suit oneself, begin to do resume again next.

The individual is the biggest experience even if- - the writing of resume should have get specific aim clearly. Some people like to do a resume only, next what job uses this resume, this kind of method 100% be failure. Because of any different jobs, it is different to the person's requirement, when making resume so, must be clear that what this job needs, tell unit of choose and employ persons your requirement to I am accorded with one by one in resume again next.

My practice is such: I prepared the resume of two kinds of types: One kind is all-purpose model, it is general resume, see some him position be qualified, but do not admire in the heart again, can send the past at will quite. The 2nd kind is " special make " , be aimed at the company that oneself admire in the heart, I see the help wanted of the company carefully, analyse its job duty and requirement of choose and employ persons, understand the other content such as company culture, next specific aim ground revises resume. I feel to be done so, can let be clear at a glance of unit of choose and employ persons on one hand, feel you accord with their requirement; Can let unit of choose and employ persons feel the good faith that gives you on the other hand, because you are special,for this company this position did a new resume.

The first my job to Shanghai is to be in advisory firm of a market to do market researcher. Company at the outset demand of invite applications for a job is very clear, english is outstanding, be good at writing, have market survey experience, have certain knowledge to the market. When accordingly I do resume, ask to satisfy one by one to above: I have English major 8 class certificate, work has been published in the university, what be deficient in exclusively is " market survey experience " , but the member that I once had done the market to visit, although be now and then only, but actually very important, can write in resume likewise, express palpability to had had this experience already so, indicated the interest to this industry again. In the meantime, I still express in resume, the concerned course of the market has learned when the university, and achievement is very good. Accordingly, I can say originally is to be in " experience " this lack be apt to but old, but I according to oneself characteristic, beautiful idea added these things in resume, finally not only got interview chance, and entered this company smoothly!

Tips: Be in this " special make " in resume, want to tell choose and employ persons apparently the unit, you accord with the requirement that he raises.
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