The psychology of conquer profession pressure is politic
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The pressure disease in modern society life, it is disease of people body and mind has the parent that happen. When people meets " pressure " , initial reaction is " of " meet head-on, or " escapes " . This is by the spirit of people energy is reached be opposite inside body place of intensity of immunity of " pressure " decides, namely mental energy is high, the person with immune system strong function adopts " to meet the method of " head-on, conversely, adopt the tactics of " escape " , lest damage the healthy and defensive system in the body.   

But recent mental science considers to discover, adopt a kind not to have reaction, disregarded manner completely to " pressure " , also conduce to the health that keeps body and mind. The psychological expert of side of Euramerican sports, business puts forward " pressure to manage doctrine " , the view passes humour, control mood, motive, manner, loosen nerve training, dietetic, breath trains, envisage, the vision changes the method such as training, will cope with " of " pressure disease effectively.

Duty field go-between makes do, " of disease of processing " pressure, be necessary to master strategy of a few psychology and scientific method. Above all important is, when meeting " pressure " , want careful zone minute, it is " of " long-term pressure or " short-term pressure " , it is " " of pressure of paroxysmal, acute, still be " the pressure " of slow sex, progress sex, accomplish pair of " disease " to issue " medicine " , have a definite object in view.

Remove " pressure " , can divide roughly for two easy ways:

It is an effect a permanent cure. Try the reason that generates pressure to eliminate namely, because this also calls " precautionary " .

2 it is to study a list. Search " of " dredge mouth, the " pressure " of the saving inside body, effectively " dredge " goes out, make do not endanger health of body and mind, because this also is called " ,excrete " therapeutics (purify therapeutics) .

Offer 11 kinds to remove below the psychological strategy of " pressure " and remedial method.

(1) the pressure in drawing up you live in family, profession, society on paper and its reason, " of each " pressure, ponder over 3 kinds of different processing techniques please, talk things over with psychological doctor when necessary.

(2) write a letter to close friends, spit your pressure, trouble for fast.

(3) want " ego occasionally vaunting " , ego " praises " , maintain ego fine good impression to become aware.

(4) do not take responsibility him body to go up, want to try to learn to cooperate with other, partake with other responsibility.

(5) in human relation, want to maintain the clear communication of the meaning. Little criticism, offer more. Do not say: "Such you are not OK doing. "And should say: "You can use another method to work. "You can use another method to work..

(6) be brave in make a decision. Wrong make a decision is compared not make a decision, indecisive be close friends. Mistake of make a decision, can amend. Not make a decision, tardy indecisive, bring about " pressure " to increase, have damage healthy.
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