The high level in Chinese retail industry manages a talent to be in short supply
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As Chinese retail market comprehensive and open, cross a state retail business enters China in a large-scale, aggravate the competition inside the industry, cause the situation that shorts with respect to the talent originally more outstanding. Official of Chinese trade union shows, in the main obstacle that high-level government person with ability is in short supply badly to already became Chinese retail trade to develop continuously.

Outstanding inn understands the first China retail trade that the reporter is holding one day here on grown contest, at present Chinese commerce has eight from personnel of course of study, but high administrative levels and compound model the talent is not worth badly, sale grows in the retailing shop inn of 50 million yuan of above rare be short of; Unripe delicacy, purchase, content shedding and research field qualified personnel are lacked badly; The of all kinds talented person that rate of literacy of above of three-year institution of higher learning has in the industry is occupied only 3% .

Chinese trade union expresses about chief, current, the personnel firewood fulfil of retail industry still is in inferior level, the number that inn grows yearly salary to be able to amount to 100 thousand yuan is very limited, although the income that provides a layer high is compared with medical industry posture also have one the difference of times, firewood proposes a toast competition ability inadequacy of the level already was self-evident.

As we have learned, the talent with most popular retail trade is the inn that knows storefront government of long, retail trade advanced the thing that purchases talent and conference table to go up banishs a talented person. But up to now, the talent education of Chinese institution of higher learing and trade demand are broken away from badly, school of old technical secondary school still does not have capable to offer the major of retail trade speak or sing alternately, and saying to get on the university of retail major to teach is can be counted on one's fingers more.

"The talent quality of retail trade and professional skill not allow hopeful. " this controller expresses, it is the phenomenon that in solving, senior talented person shorts, chinese trade union drafts level of person with ability of first retail trade government, publish inn to grow talent choose system, education has the public relations, harmonious, profession husband that holds market ability.

In addition, commercial union still learns retail trade of courtyard, United States to combine ministry, European Union with Japanese ability the country such as retail institute cooperates, introduce pattern of advanced retail trade management, foster outstanding professional, in order to remedy the situation that retail industry person with ability is in short supply.

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