Get along with the colleague have skill
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Common saying says: A brave man is helped 3 times. The common people of our China is agreed with all along generally " parents leans in the home, go out rely on a friend " , " the friend became much the way is good go, many friends many road " social principle. However, this kind of social principle appears however in field of contemporary white-collar duty " won't do " .

A when net of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job released a few days ago newest investigation shows, in Shanghai white-collar, unexpectedly calm of nearly two adults admits him on-the-job field does not have true friend, and they also do not think become a friend with the colleague. They think, duty field is like battlefield, the colleague is a competitor, become a friend with the colleague, can be to give oneself to bury a time bomb only, because of him (she) the weakness that understands you, still grasp those who have you even " handle " .

Cannot the colleague become a friend really?

Institute of psychology of Beijing Normal University Dr. Lin Xiuyun thinks, become a friend with the colleague very necessary. Office worker is together with the colleague between greater part time-sharing, follow the friend of person associate with beyond the colleague without how many opportunity. If do not follow the colleague beside to become a friend, trouble cannot pour out in time, pressure cannot seasonable untangle. Trouble and gloomy of ground of pressure day after day written guarantee at the heart, very adverse to health of body and mind. Actually, the colleague follows you same, also be Everyman, vivid has feeling, want sincerity of in order to to change open-armed means to get along to it only, can become a friend. Of course, colleague friend is the friend below specific environment after all, the friend that attends with common sense differs somewhat. Compare with common friend photograph, often put in the relation that cooperates to compete again already between colleague friend, a lot of moment return meeting occurrence interest to conflict. Accordingly, processing is good with the relation between colleague friend, need certain skill more. The following is notable:

One, between the colleague since existence competes, have the branch that has worked to work bad necessarily so. The one party mentally that works not quite good or poorlier temporarily lopsided it is completely understandable. The one party that does weller must take care of this kind of delicate psychology of the other side, before the other side the attention lowers stance, help the other side raise vocational level as far as possible. Avoid by all means is high and mighty, make bigger stimulation to the other side.

2, get along with common friend, even needs to maintain suitable space, get along with colleague friend, should have more " distance " consciousness. It is little as far as possible before the colleague complain the unit is led, censure other staff. If temporarily hold back does not live strong, have to complains, censure calm one's anger of disappear of a few ability, also want to notice talking pattern.
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