08 graduate salary coach price goes heat
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Net of 597 Xiamen talent provides the referenced basis of conventional salary standard to give graduate and choose and employ persons the unit, on the foundation that investigates to income of graduate 2007 wage, branch of town work safeguard released price of guidance of graduate 2008 salary yesterday 214, than going up year increase 14.

Salary median 2492 yuan / month

Occupy working net statistic one case, graduate salary median is 2492 yuan / month, among them: The median of doctoral salary is 6000 yuan / month, the Master is 4650 yuan / month, university undergraduate course is 2567 yuan / month, three-year institution of higher learning (contain high post) it is 1996 yuan / month, in duty (contain school of technical secondary school, ability, duty school) it is 1707 yuan / month. Alexandrine year look is compared, graduate salary median grew 385 yuan / month.

Pay of contemporary service line of business is apparent taller

Serve the development of the contemporary service line of business that is a delegate with finance, information as Shanghai, appeared to the demand of manpower resource relatively substantially growth, body is graduate now salary respect, of partial position

Salary is in higher level. Median of monthly wages of the member that be like bank credit is 3291 yuan, median of monthly wages of negotiable securities clerk is 4978 yuan, computer software tests technical staff 3246 yuan, computer software programming personnel 3310 yuan, database application personnel 4411 yuan.

As we have learned, in process of development of this city economy, the demand of choose and employ persons of contemporary service line of business will promote further, also rise ceaselessly to graduate requirement at the same time, need professional knowledge already the solid, research that has stronger academic acknowledge talent, also need to be good at the application of the operation talent.

Technical post " firewood " affection is inviting

The of all kinds station that pursues from graduate looks, higher to professional knowledge requirement position, its salary median wants prep above commonly common government post. If the salary median of personnel of technology of chemical test project is 3058 yuan, personnel of medical technology engineering is 3146 yuan, the mould makes technical personnel be 2956 yuan, personnel of spaceflight project technology is 4622 yuan, and salary maintains the graduate of common government post to be controlled in 2000 yuan mostly, if monthly wages of administrative assistant median is 2111 yuan, the cashier is 1999 yuan, statistical personnel is 1983 yuan.

Half student " invite applications for a job is met " to apply for a job

Through " the school is recommended " the number proportion that the form wins the job is 19.9% , alexandrine year photograph comparing reduced 9.2 percent. Answer relatively with this, through " invite applications for a job is met " the proportion that the form wins the job is 52.7% , than going up year rose 8.6 percent, pass " the invite applications for a job on the net " channel wins the job for 13% .
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