China is in short supply 10 kinds of talents
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Most the person with ability that lacks 10 major, they are talents of negotiation of business affairs of internationalization management talent, financial insurance talented person, international, research and talent of travel talent, electronic business affairs, psychology advisory talent, foreign language talent, development talented person, law talented person and educational talent. Among them main major and income are as follows:
Simultaneous interpretation: Year into Zhang 30 reach 400 thousand yuan. Simultaneous interpretation member be called " 21 centuries are the biggest in short supply personJust " . As China external the grow in quantity of economic communication and Olympic Games bring " meeting Wu business chance" emerge in large numbers, the member that need more and more simultaneous interpretation.
3G engineer: Firewood of income radical the current year 15 reach 200 thousand yuan. Will achieve according to estimating gap of domestic 3G talent 500 thousandPerson above.
Network media talent: Year income is in 10 reach 120 thousand yuan. Current, be similar to the network in sina and Sohu editorial monthFirewood is in the income of 5000 yuan of the left and right sides, medium position reachs 10000 yuan in 8000 yuan.
The system is compositive engineer: Estimate year of income 100 thousand yuan reach 200 thousand yuan. The requirement of compositive to the system service carries the user ceaselesslyTall, build the application of fundamental industry from first network, arrive again pair of business flow and resource strategyadvisory service. Prospective system is compositive the engineer is the profession that goes tall all the way.
Essence of life calculates division: Year income reachs 150 thousand yuan in 120 thousand yuan. The choice that China is ratified by world insurance group considers division very few to not haveA few. As international insurance tycoon develops the need of the market and domestic company in China, essence of life calculates division will be hot talent.
Content sheds division: Can earn 100 thousand yuan 1 year now. Content sheds the talent's demand to be 600 more than person. Disclose according to relevant personage, housing card reachs 100 thousand yuan 70 thousand yuan in this year's undergraduate of domestic invite applications for a job's current yearly salary, estimation is met only after a few years much won't little, because the sources of energy is closer and closer spruce.
Environmental engineer: Year income will reach 100 thousand yuan in 80 thousand yuan. According to international current rule is calculated, china is controlled in 420 thousand person in the breach of environmental engineer respect. At present domestic gardens stylist, the monthly pay of landscape stylist is controlled in 779 yuan.
Register accountant: Year income will be controlled in 100 thousand yuan. Home is badly in need of 350 thousand registering accountant at least at present
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