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The work in the same placing in the office feel she changes recently very big, the person appears self-confident and expression flies upwards, lian Xiaorong is so bright also that Lian Xiaorong let a person feel to pay no attention to solution.

She is not very beautiful, but dress up decent, handle affairs agile, it is the sort of woman that has temperament very much, there always just is a melancholy that becomes aware not easily between forehead. She always is in advance ten minutes every morning to the unit, clean office outside and in next. When waiting for a colleague to come, she already began to work in desk edge.

She has a habit, always like to pull open a drawer to look, light smile becomes more kind. She very diligent, wait for support of the people amiable, there always is a smile on the face, as if what trouble also is done not have. Work in the same placing wondering, humble abode in a such broken unit, want a name to do not have a name to want benefit to do not have benefit, everybody complaint one pile, somebody even do sth in a fit of pique does not work, why is she returned so glad?

It is the appearance that she is like to do not have a thing, to who so good, not barratrous also to the job. When drinking tea to chat with we all, when she changes the job in all seriousness, conversable and nifty talk amuses groups big continuously happy, because as dry as a chip and depressed life has her and some more laugh. But she from talk before long, the dot arrives till, return her seat next, continued to work silently, no matter groups big are returned,saying what news right-down or abreact condemn a woman of what.

She always is so gentle and contented, really mysterious! Still have, she often sees a drawer, what thing there is in her drawer? How the smile that you read her face to go up is attractive! Groups of big attention transferred her body to go up at a draught, guessing, be she has a boy friend certainly, the picture that there is her boy friend certainly in the drawer or he gives her gift.

But ask, did not return a responsibility then. Groups of big kid her, force she " confess " , she does not agree to admit, look true did not return a responsibility then. This issues the curiosity of more exciting everybody, what is the meeting in the drawer " secret weapon " ? Eventually once, the closet on her when, forget shut a drawer, everybody is fortunately shoot a glance at, saw a piece of white paper, there are a few very big words above: "Smile " , " not gossip " .

After a year, she what rose job is encountered one case with me what had left former unit, she said her one's innermost thoughts and feelings. She says, rising job is accident, she hopes only at that time time have an easy time some just. The working environment in those days is bad, but rather all the day cynical, be inferior to looking some, calmly ground works.

Original, hamper of him life and job is not others truly, however oneself state of mind. (
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