The expert points out find new job this year 4 big trend 3 big errors
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Spring is the busy season that the talent flows all the time, element has " Jin Sanyin 4 " say, a lot of people were taken end of the year award, begin to consider better progress.

Face various development chances, of all kinds talent Where is this what course to follow? The reporter interviewed expert of net of China person of outstanding ability a few days ago Gao Rui, into amount to resource of senior labor power of company of adviser of senior talented person senior partner Gu Yi puts 100 Yue attorney offices of advisory Yu Bo, Shanghai on the ice lawyer, and the relevant expert of the head of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job, 100 happy hunt, Hua Xinhui Yue, 10 thousand orgnaizations such as Bao Chenghua, personage of the field that it is duty finds new job successfully show a labyrinth.

Find new job this year 4 big new trend

· decreases firewood to find new job to also wish to try

As we have learned, wisdom couplet invite applications for a job rolls out found new job 2008 apiration investigation shows, "Qian Tu " with the future the key that still is the consideration when duty field person finds new job is in. Nevertheless also somebody expresses, if work to have an outlook very much, also won't value very to firewood fulfil so, even if reduce salary,find new job to also be willing to try.

To company property, 3 endowment the enterprise still is most of favour getting a person, 3 into have find new job the duty field person of apiration is located in the target this surely. In the meantime, have for the most part find new job the duty field person of apiration still expands an admissibility from oneself profession, express or can be engaged in oneself be familiar with or with oneself the profession related the job before this, do not meet to the 4 become person that find new job only more optional or attempt challenge is brand-new profession, additional, still nearly one choose to do poineering work independently into duty field person. And spend because of the satisfaction to the enterprise truly tall and the duty field person that does not choose to find new job is less than two into.

· finds new job cycle is lengthened

As to the frequency that find new job, people of more than two the field that become job are average a year in can find new job, but with the investigation before this data phase is compared, already dropped apparently. It is reported, 2 - it is management department of resource of company labor power thinks 3 years acceptability relatively reasonable find new job periodic. To finding new job the pay after, of 29.8 % suffer inquirer to expect to be able to grow 50 % , and the person that has 23.8 % expresses to grow 30 % relatively reasonable.

Investigation shows a very new phenomenon at the same time, although person of some duty field often is shouting to want to jump, but did not put into practice tardy however. They did not jump easily, basically result from the chance with was not found better.
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