Find new job to also want to discuss the strategy
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Before two days, a friend and I talk about the thing that find new job, this fellow, jumped before long before, compensation jumps to 10K from 7K, now, another company asks him, yearly salary 180 thousand. He says, he wants to try, though present unit and working environment are good, but think of to buy a house, he plans to bet.

A few questions that I raise are below:

1, the growing sex of this industry how? Report relation, investment to plan? Throw a case.

2, besides pay, what is there should other reason find new job not?

3, how be defeated by a plan to do? Be defeated to be able to not afford the house, consideration that seeks the job afresh to had thought?

4, the plan that wins certainly, if where to not be familiar with the circumstance of sale and market to fall, do the work?

Say really, I to this brother, the job that pursues at present and profession, I feel to suit him quite, but the opportunity always is in bewitch person: Go toward altitude, altitude always has more altitude.

I like a rule of business of short for Zhejiang Province very much: Do the business that loses to rise. To finding new job problem, I also suggest to ponder over a problem so -- if find new job, what is worst and worst circumstance? If sustainable, with respect to do all one can one rich. This friend if buy a room to serve as a target, do not be the have business that lose: If, because,start a company newly all sorts of reasons, without operation two months, the project cancels, or although yearly salary is 180 thousand, but salary structure element, if bonus mechanism is brought about actual in one's hand pay, even little at the part that can take at present, that finds new job unwarrantable oneself be benefited, unwarrantable the end that buys a house.

Conversely, if consider to buy a house, be in present company, work two years, pay head period unchallenged still -- if add,go up the word of bonus.

So, I hint him, if you want to seize an opportunity that can become inspector general, tried in the past, alarming return him one's own profession to do, but also should plan to accept but more adverse compensation -- after all, a person leaves his post often, in to apply for a job when, not be the phenomenon of a facile explanation. Holding the state of mind that loses to rise in the arms, consider oneself option cautiously.