Position of 10 big popular play gives heat
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On game duty field, what position is the most welcome? Recently, net of China person of outstanding ability released pop chart of game duty field, on a list of names posted up of 10 kinds of position famous.
The 10 large position of a list of names posted up part on for: Division of artistic design of engineer of software of game of programmer of tool of engineer of J2me game software, game, Brew, game (game of development of platform of 2d/3d) , game, 3d designs game of senior lecturer, mobile phone to design game of senior lecturer, online network to design senior lecturer, game to engineer test man of division, game to wait.
Publish total arrange to predict according to national news, demand of talented person of development of game of network of a few years of China will is henceforth show 20 thousand people, and be not worth 5000 people at present, breach is in above of 15 thousand person. The expert points out, chinese game will have breathtaking gap from future of personnel of course of study.
Nowadays, company of domestic top game is in Zhao Xianna just, seek the of all kinds talented person that game develops. Expert analysis, enter 2005, domestic numerous network swims competition of firm person with ability is more intense, mainstream manufacturer is more " blood goes all out " . Henceforth 5 years, our country has the large network game of 300 own development to appear on the market at least, need outstanding major to develop personnel.